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Heavy rain continues to inundate Schuylkill County Wednesday evening, causing panic on the roads, localized flooding and felled trees.

Pottsville Streets Flood, First Responder Hit By Vehicle in Mount Carbon

In Pottsville, during a severe thunderstorm that dropped heavy amounts of rain across the Pottsville area, flood-prone areas flooded.

We spotted this gusher at the intersection of Arch Street and Progress Avenue.

At its worst, water ponded across Progress Avenue and made crossing Arch by foot difficult. Definitely not smart.

Down the road just a bit, a bit of drama unfolded. At the typically closed South Centre Street arch in Mount Carbon, a member of an emergency crew on scene to block the road to traffic was reportedly hit by a vehicle.

The person hit refused to summon an ambulance, according to chatter heard on emergency radio. They said a silver car drove away from the scene toward Pottsville.

But someone else on the scene relayed their frustration with this persistent scene every time it rains.

No, someone doesn’t get hit all the time. But closing this road requires at least 2 people to just sit there or stand there every time it rains hard.

Tremont Flooding

Heavy rains on Wednesday also caused flash flooding in areas where it’s prone to flood, especially lately.

Check out this Facebook Live video of what happens just about every time it rains heavily there:

Across Schuylkill County, we’re hearing reports of trees down or on wires in several locations, including Tamaqua.

The heavy rain and thunderstorms seems to have capped off another round of severe weather across Schuylkill County. This is the second straight afternoon and evening of persistent thunderstorms.

Yesterday, storms dropped hail on some areas across the county, including in Hegins and Shenandoah.

More stormy weather is predicted for Schuylkill County on Thursday. Fair conditions are expected Friday.


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One response to Thunderstorms Drench Schuylkill County Again – First Responder Reportedly Hit By Vehicle in Flooded Mt Carbon

  1. John May 31st, 2019 at 7:52 am

    Maybe if we had leadership and they would maintain the system we would not have these problems. Now the system us collapsing. A sink hole just opened up on roma parking lot


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