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Coal Region Canary
Coal Region CanaryCoal Region Canary
pottsville savepub pottsville savepub

Schuylkill Schools

The proposed cut to Pottsville Area School District’s Publications Department is being met with fierce public backlash. So far, in just a few days,...

patricia pacenta obituary

Schuylkill Schools

Patricia Pacenta, a beloved educator in the city of Pottsville, died December 16. Pacenta worked in Pottsville Area School from 1956 until 1992. She...

Schuylkill County Election 2019

Voters in the Tamaqua Area School District headed to the polls last week with quite the dilemma. Do we want armed teachers in our...

in God we trust pennsylvania

Schuylkill Schools

Should public schools in Schuylkill County be allowed to display the national motto In God We Trust? Earlier this week, members of Pennsylvania’s House...