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Canary Band Profile: Zenith

Get to know more about Zenith.

Zenith will be one of six musical acts at the 2024 Yuengling Stars & Stripes Summer Celebration in Pottsville on July 13.

This Schuylkill County act has grabbed some acclaim in its early days.

If you’ve never heard of them or want to know more, The Canary has compiled this Q&A with Zenith to give you a little more insight into the group and what you can expect to see when they take the stage on Saturday.

Zenith will be performing at the Yuengling Stage on Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. (Check out the full event schedule here.)

Band nameZenith
Band members, instrumentsKaiya Morgan - lead vocals
Jace Morgan - rhythm guitar, harmonica, backing vocals
Dominic McGee - lead guitar, backing vocals
Dakota Blankenhorn - bass guitar
Kyle Lipp - drums
Year formed2023
LocationPottsville, PA
Music styleRock ‘N’ Roll
Facebook URLFacebook
Instagram URLInstagram
TikTok URLTikTok

Q&A with Zenith

Can you introduce your band and share how you got started?

Our members, Kaiya Morgan (22), Jace Morgan (19), Dominic McGee (19), Dakota Blankenhorn (19), and Kyle Lipp (19), have been playing together as a band for only a little over a year. Starting out we all came from our own inspirations.

Some of us were forced to play music as a kid and some of us it just ran in the family, but the music has saved all of us in different ways and that is why we formed Zenith.

We started in a basement and have had a few lineup changes to get us to where we are now. We put everything we got into our music because all it’s about is peace, love, and rock ‘n’ roll.

How would you describe your music style and what are your main influences?

The best way to describe our music style is rock and roll. We are all very diverse in our music tastes so we enjoy the blues, jazz, funk, folk, etc. so to put it into one category would be impossible.

As a band we really do find our influences in bands like Led Zeppelin, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and Grand Funk Railroad who all drive their inspiration from the same places we do. They are hard hitting, heavy, classic rock and it’s what we love.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

For a while we struggled to come up with a name and somehow the name Zenith got brought up. We just went with it because we had to have something for our first gig.

However, looking bac,k it has a fantastic message as zenith means the time at which something is most powerful or successful, and in astronomy it means the point in the sky directly above an observer.

So, to us now, the name holds a greater weight then we realized at first.

Can you share a memorable experience or highlight from your performances so far?

We have had some crazy performances in the past. We’ve met some cool people that have mentored us along the way and made a lot of great friends so far and we hope to do more of that.

I will say we had a memorable performance playing what I believe is now called Blank Space in Pottsville where our now good friend started spinning on the floor and dancing like a mad man.

It was such a good time and we actually got some of it on video and posted it to our TikTok which got us a lot of attention on there so we do owe him a big thank you for that.

What can people expect from your performance?

High energy, in your face, rock ‘n’ roll.

Do you have any new music or projects in the works that you’re excited about?

We have been trying to write our own music for a little while now and we hope to have some solid original songs by next year if not sooner.

How can fans connect with you and stay updated on your latest news and releases?

We post about all of our shows on Facebook and Instagram so those are the best places to stay updated on our events.

Photos courtesy of Zenith

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