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We Just Learned Amish Romance Novels are Real

amish romance novels

We hadn’t been to the Hometown Farmers Market in years but while we were there to get a delicious Koch’s turkey for Christmas dinner, we also learned that Amish romance novels are a thing.

Yes, Amish romance.

Apparently, the Amish are not the chaste bunch you may have thought they were.

Amish Romance Novels for Sale at Hometown Farmers Market

Now, we’re not really sure in which building we were in at the Hometown Market. It definitely had a lot of food stands and smelled really good. But as we browsed the different shops, we walked past this book seller and right there along the walkway was this box (above).

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And what luck … they were a bargain. You could start a whole collection for $50!

If you look at the titles, you see they’re not exactly the Fabio-era romance novels. There’s nothing steamy about a book titled, “Bygones” or “Rosemary Opens Her Heart”.

This is more of a Hallmark Channel romance genre, just a little more reserved than that.


According to our search trends data, Amish romance books haven’t been around for very long, just a decade or so.

The Keywords Everywhere tool shows us that people only started searching for these books on the internet since late November 2010. And between 500-1,000 people a month are looking for these books or simply to answer the question, “Do Amish romance novels exist?”

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amish romance novels

We shouldn’t really say that Amish romance novels haven’t existed before 2010 but it’s definitely a recent trend so it’s fair to say they’ve only been mainstream for the last 10 years.

And if you can’t get to Hometown as we hadn’t for so long, you’ll be happy to know that these bonnet-burning romance stories are available on Amazon. It’s one of life’s great ironies, reading an Amish romance novel as an ebook.

Top Amish Romance Novels on Amazon

They even have a Top 100 Amish Romance Novels list at Amazon. Here’s just a sample:

glory road lauren dentonGlory Road by Lauren Denton

This book involves a 38-year-old garden shop owner and there are going to be big changes this summer.


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long way gone charles martin

Long Way Gone by Charles Martin

After dreams are dashed, a man returns home to rediscover his faith.


orphans amish christmas

The Orphan’s Amish Christmas by Hannah Schrock

Christmas magic is discovered when a little orphan girl lands on the doorstep of the Hauptfleisch home.

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You can find the Top 100 Amish romance best sellers on Amazon here.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ryles

    January 4, 2021 at 5:27 pm

    Hopefully no animals were harmed in the writing of these romance novels.

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