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john ohara books

Have you ever read any of the John O’Hara books or short stories?

Everyone in Pottsville should familiarize themselves with the great 20th Century American author John O’Hara.

O’Hara picked and critiqued the so-called elite in Pottsville for years through his stories.

This year, literary folks in Pottsville will celebrate the great author’s 115th birthday. And you can join in on the fun. But if you’re going, it’d be a great idea to familiarize yourself with O’Hara’s work.

Luckily, you can start reading some of O’Hara’s best work in an instant thanks to Amazon Kindle books.

We’ve gathered the best of John O’Hara’s works here in this collection. These links lead to Amazon Kindle Books downloads of O’Hara’s novels and short stories. You can also find paperback and hardcover copies of his books, too.

John O’Hara Books on Amazon

Here are O’Hara’s most celebrated works.

Appointment in Samarra

Set in fictional Gibbsville, PA (definitely Pottsville), O’Hara’s most celebrated novel follows the life of a city socialite who spirals out of control around Christmas 1930.

BUtterfield 8

This O’Hara classic became the basis for an Oscar-winning film of the same name, starring Elizabeth Taylor.

New York Stories

From Pottsville to New York City, this is an acclaimed collection of the author’s observations on the Big Apple.

Gibbsville, PA

The stories that bring Pottsville to life through O’Hara’s pen. Gibbsville, PA is a collection of short stories from his observations around the coal region.

Ten North Frederick

According to the synopsis, “Ten North Frederick stands with Richard Yates’ Revolutionary Road, Evan S. Connell’s Mr. Bridge and Mrs. Bridge, the stories of John Cheever, and Mad Men as a brilliant portrait of the personal and political hypocrisy of mid-century America.”


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