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Hey Kid, Wanna Fly? We’ve Got Links to Mexican Coke Products Right Here

mexican coca cola
(Photo:: Canary Mobile)
mexican coca cola

(Photo:: Canary Mobile)

When we first saw the sign on the shelf of our favorite grocery store, we’ll be honest … we did a double-take. Mexican Coke?

Jeez, this store sure had changed since we were last here.

And wait, isn’t it weed that comes from Mexico? The fentanyl comes from China. But the coke … the coke comes from Colombia, right?

Regardless, at these prices, who are we to argue? Twelve ounces for only $1.39? You’re literally losing money not buying this Mexican Coke.

Mexican Coke Products Growing in Popularity – Feature Real Sugar, Not High Fructose Corn Syrup

Of course, it wasn’t long after seeing this sign that we realized, the store hadn’t changed. Well, it did in that it started carrying more Mexican Coca-Cola products.

But why Mexican Coke? Has the pandemic ravaged America’s supply of Coca Cola products?

It hadn’t. The big difference – really, the selling point – is that Mexican Coca Cola products feature real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup.

Here’s the point in the conversation where someone butts in – probably corn lobbyists – and says, “There’s no difference between High Fructose Corn Syrup and sugar. It’s all in your head.”

It’s not. And there’s a big difference in taste of soda that has HFCS and soda with real sugar. Actually, it’s not even close.

Plus, and this is a big plus for soda connoisseurs, Mexican Coke comes in glass bottles!

Mexican Coke in the U.S. isn’t new. We’re fans of getting lost in the supermarket and until recently, we hadn’t seen it until that big sign showed up on the store shelf. But Mexican Coca Cola has been sold domestically for more than 20 years. It started in California, as a report from Smithsonian Magazine points out, but now it’s sold more widely and it continues to grow in popularity.

But wait … your grocery store doesn’t carry Mexican Coke products? That’s a bummer. However, we can get you some Mexican Coke shipped in the mail to you. Call us, like, the middle man in this transaction. (Check somewhere on this page for our Affiliate Link Disclosure.)

Mexican Coca Cola Products on Amazon

If your store isn’t into selling Mexican Coca Cola products just yet, you can order some on Amazon and have them shipped to you in no time at all.

Right now, you can buy the classic Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta Orange all Hecho en Mexico (Made in Mexico).

These sodas, featuring real cane sugar instead of HFCS, are sold in 355 mL (about 12 ounces) glass bottles.

But fair warning … Mexican Coke doesn’t come cheap. So, you’ll want to savor these rather than pound ’em down like you got them on a 3-for$10 run on cans at the supermarket.

Here’s what we found for sale and available for delivery (prices as of Aug. 22, 2020):

Mexican Coke

You can get Mexican Coke in a variety of pack sizes but do a little research before you hit that Buy button like a lab rat on actual Mexican coke. The price fluctuations demand your attention.

For instance, we found 24 packs going for upwards of $50 or more. That’s more than $2 a bottle. Again, this is why we said savor it. And even though our local grocer was selling it for $1.39 a bottle when we were there recently, there weren’t 24 bottles in the whole store.

We use the Honey app for online shopping and pricing research, and it says the average price for a 24-pack of Mexican coke is about $33. So, maybe search around once get to Amazon to see if you can find a better deal.

Mexcian Coke – 24 Pack

mexico coke 24 pack

Looking for a full case of Coca Cola made in Mexico? That may be your best way of getting this soda across the border at an affordable price. We found this case of Mexican Coke selling for just more than $50 when we checked last (Aug. 22, 2020).


Mexican Coke – 12 Pack

mexican coke 12 pack

Aye, caramba! Paying close to $40 to get 12 bottles of Mexican Coke? You’ve got to really like it. That’s for sure. But it could have just been the time we visited that the price was so high.

Like we said with the 24-pack, look around the site to see if you can find a better price.


Mexican Coke – 6 Pack

mexican coke 6 pack

The 6-pack of Coca-Cola made in Mexico will set you back a pretty penny, too. Pardon the mixed metaphor there. The popular term to describe Mexican Coca Cola is Mexicoke. So, is a mixed metaphor with Mexicoke a Mexaphor?

Regardless, this 6-pack on the day we visited Amazon (Aug. 22, 2020) was selling for $24.95. Makes you wonder what’s REALLY inside these bottles after all.


Mexican Coke – 4 Pack

mexican coca cola 4 pack

OK, you can definitely save yourself a few bucks by getting 4 bottles of Mexicoke at your local grocery store, if they carry it. And we definitely didn’t pay $12.99 when we got a 4-pack recently.

So, we’re not really sure why the prices were so high on these products when we checked. Maybe you’ll have better luck?


Mexican Sprite

sprite case 24 pack made in mexico

Coca-Cola also makes Sprite in Mexico. However, sellers of Mexican Sprite are quite limited right now on Amazon. And the one seller we did find this case selling, it was going for close to $60.

Again, it’s worth it if you don’t slurp down these sodas like you would the stuff you get at the grocery store on sale. The difference in taste is remarkable.


Mexican Fanta

mexican fanta naranja orange

If you’re a fan of orange soda, Coca-Cola also produces Fanta Orange or Fanta Naranja in Mexico.

We found cases of Fanta Naranja ranging from $35 (from a seller with a so-so rating) up to $55.


Mexican Coke Variety Pack

mexican coke variety pack sprite coca cola fanta orange

Want to try all 3 flavors of Mexican Coca Cola products? You’re in luck. They put out a variety pack featuring Coca-Cola, Sprite, and Fanta Orange. You get 12 bottles in all, featuring 6 Coke, 3 Sprite, and 3 Fanta Orange.

When we were shopping for it on Amazon, we found it going for $21.99. That’s about $1.83 per bottle. Stack this deal up against all the others here and this definitely seems like the smart buy.




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