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If you’re going to the big St. Patrick’s Day parade in Girardville, you’ll look out-of-place without some green accessories.

And if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance all the St. Patrick’s Day accessories are sold out or in storage already. Seriously, a season is going to change between the actual St. Patrick’s Day and the day of the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Girardville.

But far be it from us to criticize. We just want to lend a helping hand, make sure you don’t look like some jackass without some Irish green on at the parade. You don’t want some very sober person coming up to you along the parade route chastising you for not wearing the green.

So, here’s our pick of St. Patrick’s Day accessories that are perfect for the Guntown parade this year.

Best St. Patrick’s Day Accessories on Amazon

Light-Up Shamrock hat

The lads will have no trouble spotting you in this hat!


Fingerless Shamrock Gloves

A fun accessory that won’t hinder your ability to hold your beer!

st patricks day accessories

Shot Glass Suspenders

Fashion meets function. These suspenders are a must-have for Irish festivities.

st patricks day accessories




Green Shamrock Tutu

Whimsical! Pair this tutu with some green tights and an Irish t-shirt for the wearin’ o’ the green!

Drunky McDrunkerson hat

This hilarious hat can be worn year-round!

Riding Leprechaun Costume

Costumes aren’t usually associated with St. Patrick’s day, but we’ll make an exception for this one.



Green Wavy Synthetic Hair Wig

A fun way to really stand out without a long-term commitment.



Shamrock Sunglasses

Your Irish eyes will be smiling in these cool glasses.


Shamrock Tights

These tights are essential for any Irish lassie’s parade outfit.


st patricks day accessories

Green Striped Thigh-high Socks

If tights aren’t your thing, check out these great socks!

st patricks day accessories



Irish Cat Tights

St. Patrick’s Day and CATS! Enough said.

st patricks day accessories

Green Flower Crown

Boho-style head wear for the pretty patricks day accessories


Shamrock Beanie

Show your shamrock style AND stay warm during the parade in this hat!

st patricks day accessories


Sequined Shamrock Jacket

If you’re looking for attention from the lassies, look no further than this flamboyant statement patricks day accessories

Top Hat with Green Beard

Become a leprechaun in one easy step.

st patricks day accessories

Shamrock Fanny Pack with Beer Holder

A fanny pack AND beer holder? Aye!

st patricks day accessories

Irish Flag Cape with Flag Headband

Or, you could just WEAR THE FLAG!

st patricks day accessories



Whatever you decide to wear, please enjoy the festivities responsibly, and don’t drink and drive!  Sláinte!



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