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cash app fraud

A Schuylkill County woman was allegedly fleeced out of more than $1,800 earlier this month after falling for a refund scam over the phone.

State Police in Schuylkill Haven say the Klingerstown resident received a voice mail message indicating she was due a refund of some kind for $399.

It must have sounded convincing because the woman returned the call. On the other end, they gave the Klingerstown woman instructions to get that refund she was purportedly due.

Part of those instructions apparently included forwarding money from the online Cash App to them. She was to put money into this app and then transfer the money to the caller’s account.

The alleged victim in this case did send the cons money. But, of course, she never received the refund promised to her.

Instead, the cons in this ruse took a total of $1,836 from the woman.

State Police continue to investigate this incident.

Cash App Phishing

It sounds as if this Schuylkill County woman fell victim to a phishing scam.

By getting this woman to believe she was due a refund, the scammers were likely able to acquire some of her private financial information and then use that to access her account with the app.

Cash App warns its users never to accept phone calls, emails, or social media messages from someone they don’t fully trust who asks them to use their app. This is true for just about any online financial transactions.


Image: via Cash App

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