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A chart made by a popular Instagrammer started trending on Twitter Tuesday night.

Created by Matt Shirley (@mattsurelee) way back in October 2019, the chart is actually a map that identifies the worst city in every state in the US. Shirley asked his followers to chime in and name the worst city.

And for Pennsylvania, Shirley’s followers picked … Scranton.

michael scott party gif

Here’s the map he created:

worst city in every state scranton PA

Let’s tackle the “Is Scranton really the worst city in Pennsylvania” debate in a moment.

First, to show you how stupid Twitter can be at times (a lot of times), this months-old Instagram post became popular once again because people on Twitter weren’t aware that Scranton was real.

They actually believed Scranton was a fictitious place created for The Office.

kevin malone gif

Seriously …

User @jinwoosluv says:

Another user @AlexontheMic confirms the fact that Scranton is real with some personal details we didn’t need to know and doesn’t really confirm its reality:

And @camscreamsalot says:

We tend to agree with @AllSeeingFry here:

For real, folks. Pick up a damn map. Run a Google search or something.

Scranton is real and it’s specta- … OK, it’s not spectacular but of course, it’s very real.

Is Scranton Really the Worst City in Pennsylvania?

The real question here is: Is Scranton really the worst city in Pennsylvania? Let’s take a look at some other options here:

stanley gif

Sure, it’s seen better and more prosperous days in its history, but the worst?

Not Wilkes-Barre? What about Hazleton? Maybe Shamokin? Allentown, maybe? Perhaps Reading?

Are there cities on the other side of the state besides Pittsburgh?

Lots of candidates to choose from here in PA.

What do you think?

Is Scranton really the worst city in Pennsylvania? Let us know in the Comments section below.



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