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Top 14 Rejected Mrs. T’s Pierogies Flavors

Everyone’s got their favorite flavor of Mrs. T’s Pierogies.

Maybe you’re a purist and go with the classic Cheddar or Onion. Or do you like something spicy, the jalapeno sharp cheddar perhaps? Maybe it’s the varieties that jumped the shark on pierogies that does it for you? Feta and Spinach or Garlic Parmesan, anyone?

Even though it seems there’s a box of Mrs. T’s Pierogies to please anyone’s taste buds these days, did you know there are some flavors that just never made it out of Ateeco’s research-and-development department?

Rejected Mrs. T’s Pierogies

Here are some rejected Mrs. T’s Pierogies flavors that all feature a local flare.

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Lager Foam

lager foam pierogy

Nothing pairs better with some pierogies than a Yuengling Lager. Unfortunately, the folks in Shenandoah couldn’t marry the tastes in a pasta pocket.



memories pierogy

Try stuffing all those memories of Pottsville the way it used to be inside a pierogy.

Talkback 16 Calls


talkback 16 calls pierogy

Every time you cut into one of these, they told you, “C’MON, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!”

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Wintry Mix

wintry mix pierogy

You don’t like shoveling it and you weren’t going to like it with butter and onions, either.

Vape Cloud

vape cloud pierogy

They say it’s better for you than smoking. This one’s stuck in FDA red tape.

Scratch Offs


scratch offs pierogy

You could win big or just be left with all the scratch-off dust. Customers like consistency.

Bingo Chips

bingo chips pierogy

BPA-free but it failed in a focus group.

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babushka pierogy

Test group got too emotional thinking about their nanas.


anthracite pierogy

Rejected due to risk. If you fire these up, they never go out. Also, crunchy.

Oops! All Dough

all dough pierogy

Former marketing exec: “What about a box of frozen dough?”

Graffiti Highway

graffiti highway pierogy

No worries about the filling being warm in these.

Costas Club Sandwiches

club sandwiches pierogy

The folks at Ateeco need to re-think this one in File 13.

Lebanon Bologna

lebanon bologna pierogy

Eastern European meets Pennsylvania Dutch — why not? Great with chips sprinkled on top.

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screamer pierogy

Someone should actually make this happen. Send royalty checks to …

None of what you just read is real. Entertainment only. We, like everyone else in Schuylkill County, have a sack of Mrs. T’s in the freezer at the ready.

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