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T102 Planning an 80s Rewind Day May 4th

t102 80s day

Are you ready to go back to the 80s? Did you ever leave?

No doubt, if you lived in Schuylkill County then, T-102 radio was your soundtrack.

Well, they’re getting the band back together.

Former on-air DJ Jackie Hoffman (now Jackie Hoffman Wenrich) announced Friday on her Facebook page that WAVT-FM (you know it better as T-102) is planning a Rewind to the 80s show on Saturday, May 4.

t102 80s day

T102 80s Day

Here’s who is scheduled to appear on the air that day. See if you remember any of these names:

  • Jackie Hoffman Wenrich
  • Frank Jordan
  • Steve Degler
  • Gene Werley
  • Mike Ebersole
  • Nikki Ceravello (now Nikki Todd)
  • Travis Sparks
  • Skip Carr

And apparently, this is exclusive to T-102 on-air people. Here’s who will not be there, according to this Facebook post:

  • Vince Angelo

Sorry, Vince 🙁 Angelo apparently worked at the AM station WPPA 1360, only. So don’t expect to hear any of those voices from the past on May 4.

As far as the actual day goes …

It sounds like DJ pairs are going to take two-hour shifts. At least, that’s the plan according to this one Facebook post.

Here are the DJ combos for the day: Hoffman and Jordan, Ceravello and Ebersole, Sparks and Werley.

And here’s hoping they hastily organize an 80s day on WPPA in the meantime.

So, when they’re playing some Hooters and Thompson Twins records upstairs, they’ll have some polkas, really dusty newsreels, and an old Phillies game on the air downstairs.

Radio Has Changed

For at least some of these folks, the equipment inside the on-air studio is rather familiar. Some never left the business.

But if anyone hasn’t been on the radio in the last 20-30+ years, they’re going to be in for a shock.

Digital music, homogenization, and automation has changed the way radio sounds in a lot of ways and many would argue for the worse.

That’s not to minimize the work that still goes on to this day to create great radio. And there are some great radio DJs still on the air locally to this day.

But T-102 is flashing back to a time when local radio DJs, including this crew at T-102, were like celebrities and cult heroes. That’s why these names bring up a lot of memories for some locals. And that may not be the case for today’s DJs, sadly.

The community is not as connected to the local radio station or its personalities as it once was. And radio conglomerates have all but destroyed the local flair stations like T-102 once had.

The DJs gathering for T-102’s event answered calls from hundreds of horny teenagers wanting to get some sappy ballad on the air so some girl the next town over or up the street would hear it. Or they were the voices you heard as you drove around the area. Or they were with you as you hung out on the back porch drinking some beers with friends, listening to the radio.

What is a Radio? (Millennial the News)

For those born after the 1980s, the radio was a device people used to listen to music. There were these things called radio stations. Every town had one … even Shenandoah.

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