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Patrick Murphy Murder Case - The Latest

What Will Megan Hall Say in Defense of Killing Patrick Murphy?

megan hall defense

megan hall defense

A week from today, the state of Louisiana will take its first step in presenting a case of murder against Megan Hall.

They accuse her of killing Pottsville businessman Patrick Murphy in the early morning hours of Feb. 28.

On March 14, at 3 p.m., is the preliminary hearing. That’s where prosecutors lay out their case for second-degree murder against Hall. The charge carries a mandatory life sentence in Louisiana.

If Louisiana can present enough evidence that shows Hall killed Murphy that night, the case will go to trial.

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And that’s when we are going to learn a lot more than many thought we’d hear about this case.

Locals Jumped to Conclusions

When news broke that Murphy was killed in New Orleans late last month, there was a rush to judgement locally.

It’s like some people with little or no connection to Murphy, created a bond with him based purely on him being from here. That’s the “our lad” effect.

Some even took the next step. Shortly after police named Hall the only suspect in the crime, locals began trolling Hall’s suspected Facebook profile.

After you hear the results of her and Murphy’s lone encounter at the Empress Hotel on Feb. 28, perhaps it’s natural to assume the worst of her. She’s a prostitute who flaunted the lifestyle vs. Murphy, who’s generally seen in a positive light.

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Then came what we believe is a telling moment in this not-so-airtight case against Hall so far.

Just more than 48 hours after police named her a suspect, Hall appeared at the Orleans County Jail in New Orleans. With an attorney in tow, she turned herself in. She’s there today, on $750,000 bail.

That’s not exactly the move many expected. At least, not locally.

Megan Hall’s Defense

So when court resumes next week in the case of murder against Megan Hall, what will she say?

When Hall appeared at a bail hearing earlier this week, her attorney John Fuller vowed a fight. He said: “There is definitely more to the story.”

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Of course, this is what you expect a defense attorney to say.

Another indicator that a public fight is impending — Hall’s infamous Facebook profile is now gone. Some of the same Schuylkill County snoops who found her original profile there, believed there was a new “cleaned up” version. But by Wednesday night, even that one is hard to find or has been unpublished.

If there wasn’t more to the story, a trial would be pointless.

But if you assumed she is guilty, you wouldn’t expect her to do what she did on Sunday.

And the more you consider the circumstances — and that’s purely what this all is right now — the more you see the case for murder is going to be difficult to prove.

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Unfortunately for Murphy’s case (and for his family and those in the community who revered him), he is not here to tell his story. It could become a case of what she said vs. what he did.

First Public Hints This Case Isn’t Cut-and-Dry

Credit someone a little closer to the scene for posing the first questions that didn’t assume Hall was guilty of cold-blooded murder.

“This story is bugging me,” writes Colleen Kane Gielskie (@eiksleig) on Twitter, not long after details of the crime emerge. Gielskie is formerly the assistant director of the ACLU of Louisiana.

She wonders — doesn’t assume either way — who may have committed the crime that night.

No History of Violence

“We have 62 year-old Patrick Murphy who is in (New Orleans) on vacation with his wife. Thursday morning, he turns up stabbed to death in a cheap hotel. As all the media coverage of this case is happy to tell us, Hall was first arrested on prostitution charges in (New Orleans) in 2012, and several times again since here & elsewhere,” she writes.

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Quick point of reference: Hall’s first prostitution arrest happened in 2012 in Tennessee. At the time this was posted on social media, Hall’s exact records were unclear.

Hall’s previous experience is likely to be a key factor in her defense.

Yes, she’s likely been a prostitute her entire adult life (7 years). But there’s no history of violent crimes.

Gielskie adds, “Women don’t stab men for a very long list of reasons. And stabbing tends to be a crime of passion, of rage, or of fear.

“If Hall did kill Murphy, why? What did he do? What did he say? What happened in those two hours that a young woman with no apparent history of violence would kill a man who was presumably paying her for sex? It doesn’t make sense.”

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To counter what Gielskie writes here, if you wanted to split hairs on the validity and reality of Facebook posts, Hall’s profile was not without references to violence. There was one post where she posted a photo of two handguns, “his and hers” she wrote. But there’s no proof the guns were hers or if she even took the photo.

Still, she asks very valid questions. And these questions, presumably, Hall will answer in the next week or so. She’ll have to or it’ll be the end of the road for her.

“Right now, the media angle is that a wonderful husband/father/businessman was murdered by a dirty hooker. They parade her arrest history as if to suggest that it somehow creates this path of criminality leading inevitably to murder, which is bullshit,” she adds.

No Robbery Suspected

Hall stands accused of just one crime, second-degree murder. Sure, it’s a serious crime. But the lack of a robbery or any related charges suggests Murphy may not have been robbed. Was this just a murder in cold blood in a seedy New Orleans hotel?

The lack of charges certainly punches a hole in the merits of a robbery-gone-wrong motive. Knowing what we know of Murphy, he would have likely been a prime target for a robbery in this situation.

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And as Gielskie points out in her tweet thread, the police have no reason to withhold information that indicates Murphy was robbed.

“If anything it would give the public more ways to potentially ID the suspect, like she tried to sell a watch or something,” she writes. “That eliminates the most statistically and logically probable motive for the killing.”

Also, consider this: Murphy paid for the room, so it’s fair to assume he had money on him.

The Struggle

So, what about that struggle in the Empress Hotel room Hall and Murphy rented?

Guests in the hotel tell police they heard a loud argument during the time the two were in the room. Then, they heard a brief scuffle. Hall yelled, “Get in the bathroom!” at Murphy, presumably. And then shortly after that, Hall leaves the Empress “briskly” through the front door.

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What, besides the bill, would a prostitute and her john argue about enough to cause a fight?

Hall’s case likely hinges on what happened to provoke that struggle. What caused Hall to kill Murphy, as police suggest?

“It doesn’t take 2 hours to stab a man and take his wallet, his watch, his jewelry. If he put up a fight, maybe 10 minutes? Maybe she needed the 2 hours to get up the nerve,” Gielski asks in that tweet last week.

What’s Not Adding Up

Still, it seems unlikely that after 7 years on the street, Hall would suddenly put it all at risk by killing a tourist john at the beginning of the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans.

There’s the issue of the ID. When they checked into the room, Murphy paid but Hall booked it under her name. She used her ID. A street-wise prostitute certainly wouldn’t do this. That seems to punch another hole in any pre-meditation motives.

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Instead, it points to something that happened in the Empress room that caused Hall to snap.

And in a week, it’s likely we’ll hear what that was.

Gielski simply asked the questions anyone with little connection to the case would ask. She says, “Maybe Megan Hall killed him just because she wanted to. Maybe she did rob him and the cops are just keeping it quiet. I don’t KNOW what happened in that room. Only Megan does. But you know, even if the worst assumptions about her are true, I still want to hear her side of the story.”

She adds, people — especially here in Pennsylvania — are jumping to the conclusion that she was wrong and Murphy was the victim. She counters, “No one yet has been quoted saying what a tragedy it is that Megan Hall ended up in that hotel room with a man who was more than 2x her age and who was cheating on his wife.”


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  1.'s hardly ever heard.

    March 7, 2019 at 10:23 am

    Another point to ponder…I’ve seen reference to the injuries being consistent with a “stabbing” or ” slashing” but I haven’t seen any reference to a knife or razor blade (like a box cutter). Both weapons leave a distinctive injury that most pathologists can easily identify. Yet nothing has been said about the weapon…even after she is in custody. If the weapon was one of opportunity…such as a broken bottle, no one plans a murder but hopes to use a makeshift weapon found at the scene.

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  3. Nancy Lee Bashore

    March 14, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    No matter what happened She left him there to die is there was an explanation Why didnt she get help for him Then charge would be assualt instead of Murder. She Murdered him and he and his family need justice!!!

    • Reagan Chrisley

      March 14, 2019 at 3:53 pm

      Maybe she didn’t leave him to die. Maybe he laid there in embarrassment and chose his own destiny from embarressent or shame of what he did….

      • friend

        March 14, 2019 at 4:40 pm

        Pat would never take his life He had a busness to take care of. Just because he was with a WHORE was no reason to die

        • Reagan Chrisley

          March 14, 2019 at 6:52 pm

          Oh so you knew him . Bias accountability. Post ur name “friend” ? Pat was so busy but still had time to ditch the wifey and hire a hooker lol? And obviously you just twisted my words. Got to love that “Lad affect”

        • Linda

          March 16, 2019 at 9:18 am

          Never say never. Every day, someone has to face the death of a loved one, who took their own life. And how many say “I just did not know he/she was so unhappy. I just did not know they were suffering so deeply inside. I never knew he/she fought internal demons… He/she was full of life, so busy, so loving, so involved with their work their community” Etc etc.
          (Just examples, not saying that applied to Patrick specifically)
          Indeed, maybe Megan left him sleeping, worn out from the nights tryst. Maybe he woke up and realized he had to cover the amount of time that had passed. Thought he would do a quick stab (with what?) here and there, and say he was mugged. And the plan did not go well. Or maybe he wanted to be stabbed/sliced as part of the “play session” – lets face it, there are all sorts of things that turn people on.

          Then the other rumor, his wife was aware. Ok, fine, whatever. I personally do know swingers and people with open marriages. Whatever, if that worked for them, then it did. Who am I to judge another person’s style of marriage.
          BUT! What well established business person, with a wife -who may be open or accepting to the idea- goes to a low budget motel on the wrong side, of a city with a bad reputation? With a basic street walker Not like the gal was holding an incall session, and he went to a room she had booked.
          There still has to be high end escorts, who are discerning as to who their clients are, and where they will go with the guy. And again, each to their own. It is what it is and that is never going to go away.
          To make a long thought shorter, I can not believe Megan was the best he could come up with. Unless, ‘slumming it’ was part of the game.

          I had not heard nor read that she knew him. But, who knows, they may have had a prior meetup in one city or another. There are gals with repeat clients. Are their chat rooms? I would guess there are, for men to meet a potential, ‘pay for entertainment’ partner, while traveling.
          She was a Backpage gal, that I do know I had read. Backpage is gone, but I am sure there is something similar, somewhere in the internet. Clean up one site and another is going to replace it. Like it or not, that just another fact of the world we live in.
          I am one person who DID read the New Orleans police said this was not the first time they had an encounter with Mr Murphy in their city. I know I had read it.
          I am just baffled, totally baffled, over all of it. And have said, to so many of my friends, how does a man who was always dressed impeccable, Burberry scarves, cashmere coats, flashy ties, and nice suits, has three stores full of stunning top notch merchandise, three VERY clean stores, end up in a ratty tatty rat hole of a motel at 2 in the morning. Or, I guess I should say WHY did he end up there?
          And if his wife was not aware, was she up all night waiting on him, did she file a missing persons report with the police?
          I have met, and spoke with Mr Murphy on more than one occasion, and by gosh, never got any ‘vibes’ from him. Not that I wish I had!!!
          *All ponders and thoughts nothing more intended.*

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  5. Pauline

    March 14, 2019 at 4:46 pm

    Maybe they were having an online affair. She said she knew him. He could have promised her a better life, money to get out of the life she was living whatever. And he did not really mean those promises and that was it for her.

    His side will not come out unless he did use a cell phone or computer to chat with her online. He had to be able to communicate with her somehow to get from point A to B. I am sure he traveled for business so I would not doubt he was a serial cheater. But I find as a woman it pretty sick to go and take your wife on a trip then go out late at night and cheat on your wife while she is where? Sleeping?

    Then I listen on the news about how wonderful he was. Well the man had a dark side. I personally do not know the family and I am not from the County but I can say He was living a Dangerous life and it caught up with him. His family is the one that suffers.

    If I were his wife I would get rid of everything of his. I would not defend his name. He created his end. And that is how he will be remembered. A John and Cheater that was murdered by a Hooker.

    • Evelyn

      March 15, 2019 at 3:19 am

      where did you read Megan Hall said she knew Patrick Murphy? I read a comment earlier today about Patrick Murphy being arrested before in New Orleans for soliciting a prostitute but I haven’t found anything written about that here. The person that had written the comment said that she heard it on WBRE but can not locate the information about the previous arrest. Hopefully everything comes out during the hearing on 3/28/19. She definitely did not plan on killing him,otherwise she would’ve used an alias.

      • Michele

        March 28, 2019 at 3:27 pm

        Know him personally, that man was never arrested!!!! Patrick has never been to New Orleans, he didnt know that scum !!! He n his wife were on a trip by themselves for once , having a good time. She mingled herself into their conversation while hanging out in the hotel. She did rob him of everything he had .

        • Linda

          March 28, 2019 at 6:49 pm

          Well that makes no sense. If I were with my husband and a low life worked her way into our convo security would be called over. And my husband sure as heck would not go to a sleazy hotel on the other side of town in the middle of the night, much less go into a room then upstairs for a smoke and back to the room. I knew Pat personally too, so what? I know many people who did things you would never think they would have done. You must be young just wait life will have many surprises for you!

        • Mom of 2

          March 29, 2019 at 4:39 pm

          If she robbed him of everything he had, why was he smoking outside with her, there are too many unanswered questions. They how did she ALONE stab him to death ? Lots of questions. And if his wife was there and she pushed her way into the conversati9n, why did his wife leave him alone ?

  6. Bonnie walcott

    March 19, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Please keep me updated on case of Patrick Murphy Murder.

  7. Karma

    March 20, 2019 at 1:57 am

    Patrick Murphy was an ass. He looked down on people unlesss it benefited his business. He cheated on his wife numerous times and he got caught. Well karma finally caught up to him. I love the good old boys mentality in Pennsylvania. Because he was rich and donated money and kept a clean image to the public and that he is like a god to them. No remorse for him.

    Like you said she, Megan, never had a violent past and why now. Maybe he tried to hurt her and she had to save her self. Just because she’s a whore doesn’t mean she needs to survive. Maybe Patrick Murphy should be a man and not a pig who thinks he can do whatever he wants because he has money.

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  9. Michele

    March 28, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Ha you talk very highly of people you know personally!! No honey I’m not young , I just know how I feel about his family ! Enough with you !!!! Bye bye

  10. Mom of 2

    March 29, 2019 at 1:55 pm

    You were not there were you ? Wait till the whole story comes out, then we’ll ALL know !

  11. Michele

    March 29, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Thank you next !!!!!

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