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Schuylkill County Woman

Schuylkill County Woman Allegedly Assaults 2 State Troopers While Resisting Trespass Arrest

Woman entered two homes without permission .

A Schuylkill County woman is currently in prison following a pair of incidents in the last month in Mary D.

According to court papers filed by State Police-Frackville, Karen Heon, 61, of Mary D, is accused of injuring two State Troopers while resisting arrest on a trespassing complaint earlier this month.

Trooper Jonathan Hontz says in his affidavit that he was summoned to Dodson St. in Schuylkill Twp. at about 8:30 p.m. on July 1 because Heon had allegedly kicked one trooper and caused a cut on the arm of another while they were attempting to detain her.

Hontz says that Troopers Nicholas Price and Dominic Viscomi were already at the scene responding to the trespassing complaints against Heon filed by several neighbors in the area.

Victims 1 and 2 told police that Heon was hitting their front door. When they told her to leave their property, she reportedly ran to their backyard.

Price and Viscomi told Hontz that they attempted to stop and talk with Heon but she ran from the backyard area. She also allegedly told police, “F*** you” as she went away from them.

Heon then proceeded toward a garage and attempted to enter a keypad code to open the door.

Price then attempted to detain Heon but she resisted, kicking Viscomi in the left thigh.

When Price was able to get Heon to the ground, she placed her hands under her body so it would be difficult to place her in handcuffs. Price says he tried three times to get Heon to release her hands so he could cuff her. During that struggle, Price allegedly suffered a cut to his bicep.

Price and Viscomi were then able to forcefully get Heon’s hands free to cuff her and placed her in the back of a patrol vehicle. However, before they could control her, Heon attempted to run.

While this was happening, Trooper Trevor Skripko was in the area and flagged down by Victims 3 and 4 and another witness.

Victim 4 says he was in his backyard when Heon had approached him saying she was looking for her dog. He told police that he told Heon to leave.

Heon then allegedly went to another property and rang the doorbell several times only to return to Victim 4’s back door. He told Heon not to go inside his house but says she ignored that, opened the door, and went inside the home.

Victim 3 told police that she was watching TV from the couch in their finished basement when she saw Heon enter. She told police that Heon asked her where her dog was but Victim 3 says she didn’t know Heon and hadn’t seen her around the area.

Victim 4 came into the basement and told Heon to leave at that point. Heon then left the basement.

Back at the Frackville barracks, police say that Heon related that she didn’t care that she’d kicked one Trooper and caused a cut to the arm of another. She said she was looking for her dog.

June Incident

This was not the first run-in with police for Heon recently.

Back on June 3, at about 5:45 p.m., police were called to the same area in Mary D for a trespass complaint.

Victim 2 from the July incident told police that when she arrived home, she saw her dog outside walking on the road. Then, she saw Heon inside her home, looking out the front door.

When Victim 2 yelled at Heon to get out of her house, Heon responded that it was her house and she wasn’t leaving.

Victim 2 told police she’s not sure how Heon got in her home. She said that pictures and furniture were moved, purportedly by Heon while she was inside.

When police questioned Heon about this incident back at her home, she refused to answer.

Charges Filed

For the June incident, Heon was arraigned before District Magistrate David Plachko and charged with third-degree felony criminal trespass and a misdemeanor criminal trespass.

She was released on $25,000 unsecured bail.

In relation to the July incident, Heon was arraigned before District Magistrate Stephen Bayer and charged with two counts of first-degree felony aggravated assault and two second-degree felony charges of criminal trespass along with several misdemeanors.

Bayer set bail at $50,000 cash, which Heon has not posted.

She’s due back in court for Preliminary Hearings before Plachko on both incidents and sets of charges on July 23.

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