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Minersville Man Charged with Meth Possession After Pursuit on Motorcycle

Vehicle pursuit ultimately leads to an arrest and drug charges.

A Minersville man is facing a raft of charges following an incident that started last Friday.

According to court documents, police from Minersville and Foster Twp. arrived at the back yard of Jonathan Carvajal, 30, at 414 Pottsville St., on Sunday evening.

Police say they informed Carvajal that they had a warrant for his arrest. At that time, Carvajal started walking away from the two officers toward his home.

He attempted to get away from police, who were pulling on him to take him into custody. Police say as they pulled Carvajal, he said “No way bro, what the f—,” and continued resisting their attempts to arrest him.

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While on the ground, police say they saw Carvajal toss two cylindrical glass devices, one green and another clear. He also allegedly tossed 25 plastic bags in a larger plastic bag from his person.

A search of Carvajal also reportedly revealed a small, blue mint box that contained two clear plastic bags filled with 3 grams of a substance that later tested positive for methamphetamine, police say.

Pursuit on Friday Led to Arrest on Sunday

What led police to Carvajal’s home on Sunday actually happened back on Friday night, May 17.

That night, Minersville Patrolman Eric Wilson says he was approaching the intersection of Sunbury and Fifth streets in the borough. The light was red at that intersection, Wilson says in his criminal complaint.

Two vehicles were in front of his patrol vehicle, a white SUV and a black motorcycle with raised handlebars.

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Wilson says he witnessed the operator of the motorcycle go by the SUV and run the red light. The driver, he says, was wearing a gray T-shirt with a yellow and green bandana over his mouth.

With his lights and sirens activated, Wilson says he witnessed the motorcycle rider go through another red light at Sunbury and Fourth streets. As he sped up, Wilson says the motorcycle rider increased his speed, too.

Eventually, the rider went from Sunbury St. to north on Second St., topping speeds of 40 mph. As Wilson reached to the top of the hill on N. 2nd St., he said “the motorcycle was gone,” according to court docs.

Upon consulting with other Minersville officers, they were able to identify the rider as Carvajal. Police say they later learned that Carvajal is not licensed to drive a motorcycle and that the bike was actually owned by another person, with whom he lived.

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Wilson says he then made contact with Carvajal at that Pottsville St. residence but the bike wasn’t there.

Carvajal is quoted as telling police, “I don’t own a motorcycle,” and “I don’t have that bike.”

Wilson says he searched nearby Hickory St., located behind Pottsville St., and located the motorcycle he was following that night.

Then, on Sunday, Wilson says he had a conversation with a Sunbury St. resident who had surveillance footage of the pursuit from Friday night. The registration of the bike in that footage matched the registration located behind Carvajal’s residence.

Charges Filed

Charges have been filed against Carvajal for:

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  • Possession with intent to deliver
  • Resisting arrest
  • Drug possession
  • Drug paraphernalia possession
  • Fleeing police
  • Reckless driving
  • Careless driving
  • Driving without a license
  • Running a red light

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