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Maybe a Little Rain Tonight But a Dry, Balmy Christmas Looks Certain

It’s the last full day of shopping before Christmas.

Today’s the last full day of shopping before Christmas. Get ready, if you must go out, to be faced with an insane amount of traffic and tensions will likely be high on the roads and at shop parking lots.

Wherever you go, please be careful.

At least you’ll have some decent weather for your last big shopping trip of the year. We’ll be above freezing in Schuylkill County practically all day and into the night. However, there is a slight chance of rain tonight and through the end of next week.

Luckily, Christmas looks dry and downright balmy.

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Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Here’s the latest 7-day forecast for Pottsville from National Weather Service …

Saturday ☁️: The day unfolds under a blanket of clouds, with a high hovering near 40°. Expect a gentle caress of east winds, moving at a leisurely 3 to 6 mph, softly stirring the day.

Saturday Night ☁️🌧️: As night descends, the chance of rain emerges, notably after 8pm. The cloud cover remains dense, with a low cozying up to around 34°. The southeast wind whispers at a tranquil 3 to 5 mph, bringing with it a 30% chance of light rain, potentially leaving a delicate sprinkle of less than a tenth of an inch.

Sunday 🌧️☁️: The morning might greet you with a brief spell of rain, fading before 8am. The sky remains cloaked in clouds, with a high reaching towards 45°. A calm wind, shifting southwest at about 5 mph, brushes through, carrying a 30% chance of early rain.

Sunday Night ☁️: As the sky darkens, it remains mostly cloudy, cradling a low around 36°. The east wind, light and elusive, drifts through the night.

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Christmas Day 🎄☁️: Celebrate under a mostly cloudy sky, with festive spirits high and temperatures peaking near 49°. The sky, though veiled in clouds, adds to the holiday ambiance.

Monday Night ☁️: The night’s sky maintains its cloudy guise, with the thermometer dipping to a low near 39°, wrapping the evening in a cool embrace.

Tuesday 🌧️☁️: Rain becomes a likely companion, particularly after 2pm, as the cloudy sky prevails. The temperature climbs to a mild 50°, with a notable 60% chance of rain, suggesting umbrellas might be a wise accessory.

Tuesday Night 🌧️: Rain takes center stage, enveloping the night with a low around 46°. The likelihood of rain soars to 90%, ensuring a wet and rhythmic soundtrack to the night.

Wednesday 🌧️: Rain continues its performance, mainly before 2pm. The temperature ascends to a gentle 52°, under a sky still gripped by clouds, with a strong 90% chance of rain, painting the day in varying shades of gray.

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Wednesday Night 🌧️☁️: A chance of showers lingers in the air, under a mostly cloudy sky. The night cools to about 42°, with a 50% probability of rain, adding a touch of unpredictability.

Thursday 🌧️☁️: The sky, mostly cloudy, might open up for occasional showers. The day reaches a high near 49°, with a 40% chance of rain, keeping the day interesting and slightly unpredictable.

Thursday Night 🌧️☁️: The possibility of showers continues into the night, under a mostly cloudy sky. Temperatures settle around a chilly 35°, with rain chances persisting at 40%, adding a damp note to the evening.

Friday 🌧️☁️: Showers may grace the day, beneath a sky that remains mostly cloudy. A high near 42° is expected, with a consistent 40% chance of precipitation, wrapping up the week in a cool and possibly wet embrace.

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