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A Little Snow Mentioned 2x in the Upcoming 7-Day Forecast

Don’t bust out the snow boots just yet. It’s just a little bit of snow … probably won’t stick to much, if it snows at all.

No, the snow mentioned in the upcoming forecast isn’t really anything to cause worry or panic. But we thought it was worth a mention since it is mentioned twice in the coming days.

But look on the bright side … after a pretty cold Tuesday, the end of the week is looking pretty nice, that is, until it rains.

Schuylkill County 7-day Forecast

Tuesday: Increasing clouds are rolling in, but don’t worry, they’re just fluffy spectators to cheer on the high of 40 degrees. The northwest wind is tiptoeing at a shy 3 to 7 mph, playing a gentle game of tag.

Tuesday Night: We’ve got a weather potluck happening! A slight chance of rain showers is RSVPing, possibly bringing snow as a plus one after 11 pm. The clouds are hanging around, low and cozy at 29 degrees, while the wind is taking a calm night off. Precipitation is feeling indecisive with a 20% chance.

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Wednesday: Mostly cloudy with a high of 38, as the clouds decide to throw a bit of a day party. The northwest wind, however, is turning up the volume, gusting up to 21 mph – let’s hope it doesn’t blow away the party hats!

Wednesday Night: The clouds are clearing out a bit, leaving us partly cloudy and a low of 24. The northwest wind, at 7 to 10 mph, is still reminiscing about the day’s party.

Thursday: A chance of light snow after 1 pm – it’s fashionably late, of course. The high near 38 is making sure it stays mostly cloudy, setting the mood at 30% precipitation chance.

Thursday Night: The sky’s getting partly cloudy again, chilling at a low around 27. It seems like the night sky is unsure whether to put on a full cloud coat or a light cloud scarf.

Friday: Mostly sunny and aiming for a high score of 49. The sun’s decided to make a grand entrance after playing hide and seek all week.

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Friday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 33, because why not? The night’s just trying to keep it casual.

Saturday: Mostly sunny with a high of 52 – the weekend’s heating up! Seems like the sun’s really committing to its guest appearance.

Saturday Night: Chance of showers – the clouds might be crying tears of joy for the weekend, with a low around 36. Precipitation’s chance meter is back at 30%.

Sunday: Rain, high near 55, and breezy – Mother Nature’s throwing everything into the mix for a grand finale. An 80% chance of precipitation means it’s more than just a cameo appearance.

Sunday Night: Showers likely, staying mostly cloudy and low around 34. The wind’s keeping it breezy, and the precipitation chance is betting 60% on rain.

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Monday: Back to mostly sunny with a high near 43, breezy enough to blow away any Sunday blues. The week’s starting fresh, maybe with a few leftover puddles as nature’s footprints.

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