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If They Keep Saying It’s Never Been Hotter, Eventually You’ll Believe Them

You don’t actually believe this stuff, do you?

The mainstream media is putting its climate emergency story into overdrive this summer.

They’re all in a frenzy trying to convince you it’s never been hotter on Earth.

We can’t say for certain what the end game is with this narrative but one thing that’s definitely for certain … they’re going to keep trying to convince you all summer that it’s never been hotter.

The Hottest Day Ever?

Most recently, the mainstream corporate media has been pushing a story about the supposed hottest days ever recorded on Earth. Apparently, they happened on July 3rd and July 4th.

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Now, here in Schuylkill County, you’d have a hard time believing that. It’s been a rather mild summer so far – save for Wednesday when we finally broke 90 degrees on the thermometer – and this Spring was the most Spring-like in our memory in quite some time.

But we called Copernicus and he informs us that we’re not the center of the universe. So, just because it’s not that hot here in the coal region doesn’t mean it’s not hot elsewhere.

Is it really as hot as they’re saying it is? The hottest days ever? Ever?!

Or are they trying to convince you it’s never been hotter by repeating it over and over again so you’ll believe it?

If They Say It Enough, You’ll Believe It

Here are just a few examples we found on the YouTubes of the media pushing this story.

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First, probably the most cringe video you’ll watch all summer is this Shorts video produced by the Washington Post. If you needed proof that this is all a big lie and they’re doing this to shove climate change down your throat, this is it …

Now, check out this local news broadcast from Charlotte, NC, and its “Climate Expert” explaining how hot it’s (not) been and how climate change is the root cause of this inferno(t):

Here’s more on the “hottest day ever” story. This is from CBC in Canada. Remember, it was Canada that got this whole narrative started with the wildfires that clouded our sky in Schuylkill County.

Canada’s official narrative is that its “wildfire season” has started earlier than ever. Debates on if that’s true or the fires started due to arson are still ongoing.

But check out this “news” report on the “heat event” happening in Canada this week. As you watch, consider that a temperature of 31 degrees (Celsius) is about 88 degree (Fahrenheit).

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Not exactly blistering, eh? But they keep saying it’s really hot, so it must be really hot, right?

Back in America here, check out this alarmist’s report from ABC7 in Chicago. From the tone of his voice, you can tell stuff is about to hit the fan in this guy’s world.

But if you want proof that this is all one big load of crap, all you have to do is hear a report from the biggest charlatan in all of the “news” industry, Chris Hayes.

Global Fever

So, after watching these videos and going on the internet and checking out more for yourself, if you are told it’s never been hotter enough times, will you believe it?

Do you think you really have a choice?

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  1. PTFloridian

    July 7, 2023 at 8:06 am

    “climate change” is another money-racket hoax, with the mainstream media narrative formed by the Democrat-Gore cartel, garnering billions, maybe trillions in the last twenty or so years.
    … weather patterns have cyclically changed and been hotter/colder for millennia.
    …for a trip to the Way back machine, educate yourself (the readers) with the Vostok Ice Core samples and the relative data, regarding carbon dioxide, our Earth and temperature.

  2. DudeM

    July 9, 2023 at 9:55 am

    What an ignorant article.
    Obviously repeating what they hear from Extreme Right Wing MAGA media.

    Look at the facts. Actually try educating yourself instead of just repeating what your hear on Right Wing propaganda media.

    But then.. you wouldn’t choose that type of media if you had one tenth of an ounce of brain power.

    • Canary Commenter

      July 9, 2023 at 12:20 pm

      What a precious comment. What color is the FlavorAid you’re drinking?

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