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Meuser Slams Biden Administration on Weak Border Security

In a recent visit to Eagle Pass, Texas, US Rep. Dan Meuser, who represents Schuylkill County in Congress, joined Speaker Mike Johnson and other House Republicans to assess the situation at the southern border with Mexico.

This marked Meuser’s third visit to the area. The delegation received briefings from U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials, met with local stakeholders, and toured the border with the Texas Department of Public Safety, according to information released by Meuser.

Meuser’s visit highlighted concerns regarding the increasing number of migrants crossing the southern border.

CBP sources indicate, according to the Congressman, more than 8.5 million migrants have illegally crossed since President Biden’s inauguration, with an additional 1.8 million who evaded detection.

December 2023 saw more than 302,000 migrants encountered at the border, a 308% increase compared to December 2020, the last month of President Trump’s administration, Meuser says.

Meuser says the border crisis is a national security threat, citing the illegal crossing of an alleged 296 individuals on the terror watch list since President Biden’s tenure began.

The economic impact on U.S. taxpayers was also a focal point, with illegal immigration costing hundreds of billions annually, he said.

Meuser criticized the Biden Administration for its policies, stating, “The situation on the ground is an absolute catastrophe … Their sad attempt to blame Republicans for the chaos is insanity.”

He attributed the crisis to the reversal of Trump-era border security measures and condemned the Administration’s handling of the situation, including alleged efforts to hide the border disaster during the visit.

Photo: US Rep. Dan Meuser

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