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Girardville Man Loses Thousands to Person He Thought was His Boss

visa gift card scam

visa gift card scam

A Girardville man is out more than $4,000 in a gift card scam where he thought he was giving money to his boss.

According to State Police in Frackville, Edward Labe reports that he got an email purportedly from his boss at Gottstein Corp. The email asked Labe to purchase gift cards and then send the critical information on them to the person on the other end of the email.

Labe thought he was emailing with his boss so he went out and bought $4,047.59 in Visa gift cards and sent the pertinent information on them to the person he thought was his boss.

But Labe soon realized he’d been scammed. He talked with his boss and found out that the emailer wasn’t who he thought it was.

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Labe is only the latest person in Schuylkill County to fall victim to a gift card scam. To prevent becoming the next victim, remember if anyone asks you to pay for a service or submit a payment by gift card, there’s a very good chance it’s a scam.


Image: Depositphotos

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