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Schuylkill County Woman Refused to Turn Off Cardi B’s WAP at Pool, Assaulted Police, Tamaqua PD Says

cardi b tamaqua

cardi b tamaqua

A Schuylkill County woman is facing a felony assault charge after she refused to turn down music she was playing at the Tamaqua Bungalow public pool.

According to court papers obtained by The Canary, police in Tamaqua say they were called to the public pool in the borough last Friday afternoon. They were told by pool management that 3 women refused to leave when asked because they were playing loud, vulgar music.

During the incident, 2 of the 3 people asked to leave allegedly assaulted police.

Police: Tamaqua Woman Refuses to Turn Down WAP – Her and Her Daughter Assault Officer

Police say Stephanie Crute, of Tamaqua, and her two daughters were at the pool on July 23. They were playing music described as vulgar by pool management and asked to leave.

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In court papers, Tamaqua PD’s Andrew Seip describes the music as using “the N word, and the song WAP, and a song in Spanish.”

WAP is the hit song by Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

Crute tells police that pool manager Beth Jones confronted her over the music and said that it couldn’t be played. She says that both women got “aggressive” and Jones shoved her.

However, Jones told a different story to police. She said that herself and a woman named Jessica Tirpak asked Crute and her daughters to leave the pool for the day. But Crute didn’t leave and Jones said that Tirpak got shoved by Crute during that confrontation.

While at the scene, Seip says he walked Crute to the entrance gate of the Bungalow pool. That was “a few steps back” from her position on the pool property.

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Crute again refused to leave. Seip also says Tirpak tried to assist him but that attempt resulted in Crute pushing Tirpak. He tried to separate Crute and Tirpak by pushing Crute back. While doing that, Crute allegedly struck Seip in the head.

“I can’t breathe.”

Seip says he eventually tried to place Crute under arrest. While doing that, he says one of Crute’s daughters intervened and hit him from behind.

Seip says he was assisted by Officer Ray Tonkinson who then attempted to place Crute under arrest while he tried to place her daughter under arrest. He says they both resisted until they got the cuffs on both of them.

Then, while getting them back to the police cruisers, Crute kicked Seip, he says. As they were putting Crute and her daughter in the cars, they each said they couldn’t breathe. So, Seip says he called EMS providers to have them evaluated.

Tonkinson drove Crute’s daughter back to the Tamaqua police station while West Penn Township Officer James Bonner took Crute there “due to the hostile environment.”

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Crute’s daughter was released into her father’s custody once they reached the station, Seip says.


Photo licensed via Depositphotos

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  1. PTFloridians

    August 1, 2021 at 8:54 am

    Another fine example of “racial diversity” and the messaging within the cult of Liberalism. This filthy skank “entertainer” is aligned with others who consistently brainwash and encourage poor choices, in our low IQ adults and scar our children forever, while promoting this ghetto filth message, and behaviors. As I posted in the article about the young man shooting things up, in Pottsville, with children and a woman mate nearby, this familial behavior affects generations of men, women and children and feeds the death cult incarceration machine, with rich entertainers promoting a degenerative message to our young, while their parents and guardians, in most cases, do nothing to stop the cycle…sad. Encourage better choices and stand firm as parents and guardians of our vulnerable youth.

    • PTFloridians

      August 8, 2021 at 11:23 pm

      More like WATT…wet ass tuna taco.

    • Jah

      September 3, 2021 at 10:41 am

      First off u wasnt there an music today don’t influence people an kids to make bad choices people been making bad choices before rap an other music ….a person should be able to listen an play what ever music they want if u wanna blame someone blame the radio stations an artist’s …kids of all ages listen to explicit music whether your black or white or Hispanic …an I bet if she was a white woman things would’ve been handled different an it wasn’t 3 adults one was her 11 yr old daughter an the other was my 14 yr old daughter …An my daughter video taped the whole thing an it didn’t happen the way they said it …an while the police had them on the ground a civilian actually put her knee in Stephanie’s back while the police already had her cuffed an on the ground I guess that’s ok for people to that to a black woman an her 11 year old daughter …it’s a public pool when she turned the music off she should not have to leave at that point tamaqua police an most of the residents don’t want our kind there ….but we’re not the ones that’s bringing the town down with all the drugs an the burglaries an overdoses…tamaqua is an always will be a racist town that’s why me any wife left an a lot of other people moved out to that’s why it’s so many vacant houses an apartments for rent …An they really need to get rid of all them damn bars in that town ..nothing but a town full of meth heads dope heads an drunks ….an I’m not racist ..even when 4 white boys assaulted me in the tiki bar ..they got charged with attempted murder agravated assault an ethnic intimidation cause they beat me with bar stools pool sticks while calling me a nigger an it was about 30 people in the bar an no one called the ambulance or police of my wife wouldn’t have found me in a pool of blood I would be dead … They medivac me to Bethlehem cause they fractured my skull an 3 bones in my ear an lacerated my liver I was in a coma for 3 weeks I had to learn how to walk all over again do u think they arrested the 4 Caucasian HELL NO I lost 40 percent of my memory ..An would u believe they only got 6 months probation cause no one would testify in the bar on my behalf .,Now u tell me was that justice or bullshit …now what If it was 4 black boys on 1 white guy ..They would’ve threw the book at them …like I said I’m not racist but now I look at white people different now I left the ghetto to get away from the violence an for my kids to get a better education an not end up in a gang or in prison …..An now I can’t never work a day in my life again … before u judge my daughter mother Stephanie crute u need to find out the facts an what if they were white ,An she is a good mother to her kids an she also left the ghetto to have a better life for herself an her kids ..She a strong black woman who would die for her kids ..An now my daughter an her daughter is getting harassed by people in tamaqua an the police also being ignorant to my daughter scared to go to school cause of what people are saying …When will this end ….we need to lead by example ….an come together as people an fight for what’s right….An now Ms crute might have to do time over something that could been handled different…So we’re gonna go to the news an post the video on every social media they have an not just p.a were reaching other states as well …An then the truth will come out ..So don’t judge them by what the paper says cause they write whats on the police report …an I thought tamaqua police just got a grant for video cams on they’re uniforms ..I wonder were the footage is at …… corrupt police dept ….Damn shame racism still exists in 2021 it’s never gonna change never never never

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