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publishers clearing house scam

A Schuylkill County couple has apparently become the latest to fall victim to a Publishers Clearing House scam.

According to State Police in Schuylkill Haven, the Wayne Township man and woman, ages 62 and 66 respectively, were deceived by a person pretending to be a representative with the iconic sweepstakes contest.

They report being duped out of $3,000 but police do not detail how they were scammed.

Local Couple Falls Victim to Publishers Clearing House Scam

Unfortunately, the Schuylkill County couple is not alone in being deceived by someone purporting to be from the popular contest.

And yes, Publishers Clearing House is still a thing and yes, it’s legit.

But there are always reports across the country of people being taken by these scams.

In fact, Publishers Clearing House warns sweepstakes players about the various scams they’re aware of using the company’s name.

Here are some of the more prevalent Publishers Clearing House scam operations:

Fake Check Scam

Some people are sent a check, asked to cash it and then send back a portion of their so-called winnings.

First, PCH says its prizes don’t cost anything to win and winners will never be asked to send in money to claim a prize. Also, the check the “winner” gets isn’t real.

Phone Calls Asking for Money

Sometimes, people will get a phone call from someone claiming to be with Publishers Clearing House. They’ll inform people on the other end of the line that they’ve won but they, too, have to send in money to get their prize.

PCH says it doesn’t contact winners by phone.

Remember, they’re known for showing up at your front door to delivery the winnings.

Email Sweepstakes Scam

Deceptive emails claiming to be from PCH might ask recipients to send money or personal financial information. If you’ve ever gotten an email like that, don’t reply, PCH says. Prize winners aren’t notified by email either.


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