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Failed Presidential Candidate John Kerry Spotted Without Mask on Flight

john kerry no mask american flight
Photo: The Tennessee Star

The failed Presidential candidate John F. Kerry was allegedly spotted riding first-class on an American Airlines flight not wearing a face mask. If true, that’s a violation of President Joe Biden’s executive order requiring masks on all commercial flights.

But since Kerry is a Democrat and Biden’s so-called climate czar, nothing will happen to him.

Never mind that commoners like us would be thrown off commercial flights if we were spotted for even a second not wearing a mask. Rules are different for Democrats and everyone knows it.

Follow the science!

John Kerry Spotted Without Face Mask Aboard First-Class Flight

john kerry no mask american flight

Photo: The Tennessee Star

The Tennessee Star first reported the photo of Kerry, once the Democrat candidate for President, a former Senator from Massachusetts, and now as the Biden administration’s climate czar.

What’s really strange about the photo is that Kerry is flying aboard a commercial flight. Sure, he’s flying first-class on your dime, but some will note how this is a departure from his typical routine of jet-setting about on his private jet while lecturing others on the scourge of fossil fuel.

But chalk up this maskless incident as only the latest example of liberal hypocrisy. They say, “COVID rules for thee, but not for me.”

Kerry’s hardly alone here.

In fact, just hours after signing the very executive order that required face masks while on commercial airliners and on federal property, President Joe Biden violated his own order by appearing … on federal land without a face mask. Not just him, his entire family.

And like every liberal who believes the rules they shame Republicans for occasionally not following or completely ignoring because “they don’t believe in science”, they all have an excuse for why they broke the rules. If you don’t buy their excuses, they just call your racist or deflect to some other issue.

Tom Wolf’s a COVID Hypocrite, Too

We saw it here in Pennsylvania plenty of times over the last year.

The most famous incident happened in the summer of 2020 when Gov. Tom Wolf violated his own orders on outdoor mass gatherings by a attending a Black Lives Matter protest/parade through the streets of Harrisburg.

tom wolf covid hypocrisy

Wolf laughed at anyone who dared to question his hypocrisy then. He excused himself from violating his own rules by saying the subject matter of the protest – pushing a far-left, anti-family, anti-American, racist agenda – was really important to him.

But if you’re a Republican or conservative or just not as woke as Wolf or any other these other leftists who believe they live above the law and you violate any of their “COVID safety orders”, you’re labeled an immoral, dangerous threat to civil society. And if that doesn’t work, they just call you a racist.


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