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Tucker: Media Fawning Over Biden Goes Beyond Fake News

tucker carlson monologue joe biden media lies

In a recent monologue, Fox News host Tucker Carlson destroys the mainstream media coverage of new President Joe Biden.

For the 4 years prior, White House reporters, cable news shows, and the mainstream network and print news, did their best impression of a real reporter when covering President Donald Trump. But that was all one big lie.

Almost none of the stories they covered turned out to be true. But every day of those 4 years, they pretended like the world was on fire and Trump was holding the match.

Now that that same media has an opportunity to do some real reporting on a career grifter in President Biden, they’ve taken a different approach. They’re still lying, but their narratives are quite different from the Trump administration coverage.

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Tucker Carlson Monologue on Mainstream Media Lying About President Biden

We’re nauseated by it and so is Tucker as he highlights in this scathing monologue from Feb. 16.

“What you’re looking at is a crisis of our institutions. Our institutions are corrupt. Some of them are collapsing. We say that a lot because it’s true. Looming above the rest is the worst of all and that’s the news media. They’re the most corrupt,” Carlsons says. “The media are more crooked than Jimmy Hoffa ever was. They’re more treacherous than the mafia. They make cops in Tijuana look trustworthy.”

“Imagine if lying was your job.”

Tucker says the mainstream news spends days on end simply lying. And they know they’re lying but they do it anyway.

“They achieve in feats so dishonorable that you gasp in horror as you watch them,” he says of the fake news peddlers on the TV news, mostly, comparing them to Olympic champions in reverse. “But at the same time, you’ve gotta respect those skills.”

Just like they did with Trump, painting him as this evil, white supremacist dictator for 4 years, day after day, the media is doing the complete opposite with the Biden-Harris administration. They’re going to great lengths to portray these two political hacks as authentic, caring people.

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It’s a lie. They know it. But they’re in love with this story that’s not even close to true.

“Kamala Harris everything women want to be …,” Tucker says, outlining the false media narrative on her, but spinning that into what she really is, ” … false, hollow, cunning, consumed with political power. Really, a model for your daughters.”

“Joe Biden is just like you.”

Tucker says the media’s biggest lie surrounds the current Commander in Chief. He says they portray Joe Biden as a regular guy when he’s anything but that.

But every single outlet you read or watch these days is all in lock step with this narrative. The Biden administration is a return to normal, a return to the truth. And that, Tucker says, is a lie.

Instead, the mainstream media is simply peddling the spoon-fed narrative coming from the President’s administration as though it’s fact.

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Now, you’d think you only see this on the national level, but local media is just as guilty as doing the same. How many times have you seen your local news publish glowing articles about some new government effort? How many times have you seen them report critically in any way? It happens every day.

And then there are those outlets who get away with simply copying and pasting press releases. That’s not news either. It’s propaganda.

Check out the full Tucker Carlson monologue from Feb. 16, 2021, here:

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Edward B Connolly

    February 20, 2021 at 5:36 pm

    Tucker Carlson is a worthy successor to Rush Limbaugh.
    Long life and good health to him!
    I am amazed at and grateful for his eloquence and brilliance —- “talent on loan from God”.

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