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Why is the Next Presidential Debate Moderator Tweeting to Anthony Scaramucci?

steve scully tweet anthony scaramucci

steve scully tweet anthony scaramucci

On Thursday, the Presidential Debate Commission decided to change the format for the second showdown between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden to a virtual format.

The Debate Commission says the decision was based on Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis, but when you see what that debate’s moderator posted on Twitter Thursday night, you have to wonder if some form of skullduggery were afoot.

That second debate is scheduled for Oct. 15 in Miami. Trump said he wouldn’t participate in a virtual debate with Biden. He said it’s a waste of time when he appeared on Fox Business channel Thursday.

Debate Moderator Steve Scully’s Mysterious Tweet to Anthony Scaramucci

While the debate and format get worked out, the Debate Commission may want to work on replacing its so-called moderator. Trump supporters who believed Never Trumper Chris Wallace was terrible (he was) are really going to love the next moderator. It’s Steve Scully, host of a show on C-SPAN and … get this … a former intern for Joe Biden.

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Here’s a tweet of the two ol’ chums from 2016 at the Biden Beach Bash:

Really hard to make this stuff up.

As concerning as that may be, a tweet from Scully on Thursday night gives even more reason to be alarmed. Anyone expecting some type of unbiased moderation from Scully can forget it.

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Here’s what he tweeted:

steve scully scaramucci trump tweet

We’re unclear on what Scully is referencing here as he asks former Trump Press Secretary Anthony Scaramucci a question.

Scully asks “Mooch”: “Should I respond to Trump?”

Here’s the actual tweet that we’re hoping doesn’t get deleted (but at least we have the screen shot):

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Scaramucci, since he got canned after less than 2 weeks on the job, has spent every waking hour on cable “news” channels trashing Trump. We’re not sure how Scully knows Mooch but there’s this tween from 9:45 p.m. on Thursday.

Mooch, never one to duck the spotlight, replied, sort of. Rather than reply, Scaramucci retweeted Scully’s bizarre message and said, “Ignore. He is having a hard enough time. Some more bad stuff about to go down.”

scaramucci tweet steve scully debate trump

Here’s Mooch’s actual tweet, too (that we’re also doesn’t get deleted):

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We don’t know what Mooch is talking about either. Luckily, neither does he.

But what’s really troubling here is why Scully is asking Scaramucci for advice on how to handle an apparent “attack” from Trump.

The Internet Reacts to Steve Scully’s Tweet to Scaramucci about Trump

Twitter had a blast with Scully’s beyond questionable tweet. Though everyone’s deeply concerned that:

  1. Scully is so obviously biased and
  2. He’s seeking advice from Mooch on how to handle Trump …

It didn’t stop Twitter’s harshest conservative critics from dragging him following his tweet.

Caleb Hull believes Scully’s tweet should have been a DM (Direct Message) to Scaramucci but Scully may not be the most proficient Twitter user:

Mark Dice tells Scully to step aside as moderator:

This user may have found another Scully tweet suggesting he’s far from the most unbiased moderator:


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  1. Anna reda

    October 10, 2020 at 7:57 am

    Both Steve Scully and Scaramucci are both vile cretins! Trump will WIN ANOTHER LANDSLIDE ANY YOU CAN’T STOP IT LOSERS!!!

  2. BarrybinInhalin

    October 12, 2020 at 6:01 pm

    Scully = Skank.

    That was easy.

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