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minersville baby abduction

Police in Minersville are looking for a woman they say abducted her 6-month-old infant and fled the area.

According to information released to The Canary Friday, 34-year-old Andrea Mamadjanov-Landis is believed to have absconded with her baby, Lilliana, after failing to keep in contact with authorities.

Minersville Woman Abducts Her Infant During Custody Battle with Schuylkill County

The custody battle over Landis’ baby started back on Aug. 31. That’s when Schuylkill County Children & Youth reached out to Minersville PD.

Children & Youth told Minersville PD that the Judge Charles Miller in Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas ruled that the County should have custody of Baby Lilliana. However, the mother was not complying with that court order.

That same day, Minersville PD went to Landis’ last known address, at 409 Newcastle St. in the borough but no one was home.

Children & Youth was able to reach Landis by phone. The mother said that Baby Lilliana was with a babysitter at the time of the phone call and that she was going to pick her up.

That’s when Minersville Patrolman Cody Searfoss tried to reach Landis on the phone but the mother didn’t answer. Searfoss left a voice mail message for Landis saying she’d be arrested if she didn’t turn over the child to the County’s custody.

Children & Youth officials believe Baby Lilliana’s safety is in serious danger based on her mother’s alleged drug abuse.

Authorities have had no contact with Landis and believe she may have fled the area.

Minersville PD is asking anyone with information on Landis’ whereabouts to call them at 570-544-2333.


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