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Schuylkill County Dept of Memes

Local Dept. of Memes on Mask Policy in PA – One Week This, Next Week That

tom wolf pennsylvania mask policy

tom wolf pennsylvania mask policy

Having a hard time keeping up with Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s mask policy?

So are we.

One week they’re required. The next they’re not, just recommended.

The Health Secretary uses wishy-washy language. But her staff speaks more firmly.

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The Governor isn’t a lawyer. He’s made that clear.

Wolf says he’s the lone voice on coronavirus orders. But he doesn’t know his orders from a hole in the ground (or highway).

We’ve tried to get straight answers from the people in charge, but they talk gibberish and answer all questions with a lecture on what they think being a good person means.

Our readers even snipe at each other on the value and risk of wearing masks. Some of our readers just repeat the same song-and-dance as the Governor and Health Secretary.

Others repeat stories on studies they’ve read suggesting masks do nothing and could actually be dangerous. But those folks don’t lecture like the others.

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Is this the start of community policing in Pennsylvania? If it is, we want out. The Mask Police in stores and on social media are unbearable. Give people a taste of power and they go wild.

Of course, look at the people with the most power. It seems to be the last thing they want right now unless we’re talking about total control.

Wolf’s kinda like, “I am definitely in charge but can’t be bothered with the details.”


Now, Wolf Kinda Says Masks are Required in Pennsylvania

Wolf on Mask Requirement for Businesses – “They’re Not Required.”

Are Masks Really Mandatory in Pennsylvania? Probably Maybe

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