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Third Man Charged in Pottsville Bar Shooting, Two Others Out on Bail

woodys no guns


woodys bar sign

Police have filed charges against a third man involved in a Pottsville bar shooting back in February.

Meanwhile, the previous two charged in connection with this incident recently got out of Schuylkill County Prison on bail.

More Charges Filed in Pottsville Bar Shooting Case

If you recall, during the early morning hours of Saturday, February 29, a gunfight broke out at Woody’s Bar and Backyard Paradise on Peacock Street in Pottsville.

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The fight started in the bar and then spilled out of the back door to the bar. Four people sustained gunshot injuries in the fight that reportedly ended when a Pottsville police officer fired their gun but didn’t hit one of the suspects.

According to court records, police filed charges against Shawnelle Alexander Young, 26, of Pottsville.

Young faces two counts of aggravated assault-attempting to cause serious bodily injury (Felony 1 charges) and two counts of aggravated assault-attempting to cause bodily injury with a deadly weapon (Felony 2 charges).

But the charges against Young don’t end there. He’s also facing charges of:

  • 1 count – Receiving stolen property (Felony 2)
  • 1 count – Carrying an unlicensed firearm (Felony 2)
  • 4 counts – Simple assault (Misdemeanor 2)
  • 3 counts – Recklessly endangering another person (Misdemeanor 2)

These charges were filed against Young on May 1 before District Judge James Reiley, Pottsville.

Young is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing on these charges.

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Gunfight at Woody’s Bar in Pottsville

woodys no guns

Three men were involved in that shooting back in February.

Young spent time in the hospital in critical condition after getting shot several times in the torso. He and Gerald Barrow, 28, initially got into a fight at the bar. A verbal argument eventually led to guns being drawn and it spilled out the back exit from Woody’s into a parking lot.

Police believe Barrow shot Young in the chest, which dropped him to the ground. That’s when Malik Stevens, 25, allegedly picked up Young’s gun and started firing back at Barrow, who ran back into the bar but kept firing back outside at Stevens. Stevens was hit in the leg with a gunshot but avoided serious injury.

As Barrow was shooting back at Stevens, a Pottsville police officer entered Woody’s bar and fired their gun at Barrow, missing him. However, that reportedly put an end to the gunfire. Barrow endured the incident uninjured.

During the melee, two bystanders were hit with gunfire.

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Barrow, Stevens Released on Bail

It took 2 months for charges to be filed against Young in this case. And he’s awaiting a preliminary hearing after those charges were filed back on May 1.

However, in the meantime, Barrow and Stevens have seen their cases move along and each has been released on bail.

Barrow faces the most serious charges, including two counts of attempted homicide. He had been imprisoned since the day of the shooting on $250,000 bail originally but got it reduced to $50,000 on May 15. That’s when he posted $5,000 (10% of $50,000) cash to get out of Schuylkill County Prison.

Stevens was sent to prison on March 16 but got released on April 27 after posting 10% of $50,000.

Barrow and Stevens each have a Preliminary Hearing scheduled for July 1 before Reiley.

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  1. Anonymous

    June 8, 2020 at 6:54 pm

    Your information is wrong. The cops did not shoot into the bar at Barrow..they shot at the other person who was shooting. Barrow did run into the bar and when the police entered he already had his hands up and informed the officer he has a weapon and it was just discharged. Also note he was legally allowed to carry.

    • admin

      June 8, 2020 at 7:22 pm

      The bar clearly has a “No Guns” policy. He may have been legally allowed to carry but he wasn’t legally allowed to shoot someone, hence the attempted homicide charges. The matter on where the police officer shot comes from the initial police reports from the scene that morning.

      • Jen

        June 9, 2020 at 9:50 pm

        Actually he didn’t have his firearm in the bar he was outside waiting for his wife to come out he was never inside the bar with the firearm until a gun was pulled out by another suspect and aimed in Barrows direction. ALSO…. there was never an altercation INSIDE the bar and never any physical or verbal altercation between Barrow and the other two suspects at any time. Barrow walked into an argument between the suspects and someone who he may or may not have known! The suspects group of 5 or more ppl had altercations inside the bar with a man using the bathroom earlier which was why they were kicked out and told many times to leave, instead they went for a weapon and came back into the “yard” where this all happened.

        • admin

          June 9, 2020 at 10:57 pm

          Well, I’m sure they can argue all that at his trial. They rarely charge people with 2 counts of attempted homicide (the only person in this whole melee to get those charges against him) unless they think they can make them stick. Everything we’re reporting is from the police reports at the scene.

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