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Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

EXCLUSIVE: Knowles Defends Himself Against Allegations He Called Rep. Brian Sims a “Little Girl”

knowles responds to brian sims

State Rep. Jerry Knowles says he did not call fellow Rep. Brian Sims a “little girl” during a floor debate on Thursday night.

You read that right.

Further, Knowles says Sims intentionally misrepresented what was actually said to help peddle his latest false narrative surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

Knowles represents the 124th District, which includes parts of Schuylkill, Berks, and Carbon counties.

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Knowles Denies Calling Brian Sims “A Little Girl”

Sims, the outlandish Philadelphia politician, says that during a floor debate on Thursday night to end Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s coronavirus Disaster Emergency, Knowles called him a “little girl”.

He posted this tweet as the House voted 117-85 to end the Disaster Emergency:

“My colleague @repknowles just yelled from the Floor while I was speaking to the House to call me a “little girl!” The irony of a guy from a Party scared to death of women, who himself spent years ensuring pedophile priests couldn’t be prosecuted, thinking that’s a slur is thick,” Sims writes.

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Sims made sure to spread this questionable statement far and wide to all the media that’s glued to every word he says. They run the story without question … maybe because they’re terrified of what Sims will do to them if they cross him.

However, Sims is a virtuous BS artist and this appears to be just his latest blatant lie. At last that’s what Knowles claims and we tend to believe the local representative over Sims, whose questionable behavior leaves a lot to be desired.

Knowles Issues Statement

The Canary contacted Rep. Knowles on Saturday to get reaction to Sims, whose stirred up liberal media outlets, and Knowles’ presumed opponent for the 124th in November.

Knowles denies calling Sims a “little girl” and clarified what Sims intentionally misheard.

“What I’ve been accused of saying is not true. I feel an explanation is warranted when my character is being intentionally and incorrectly maligned,” Knowles says.

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He says he didn’t call Sims a “little girl” and instead attacked the outspoken and dangerous Philly politician/activist for his actions outside a city Planned Parenthood clinic in 2019.

“What I said was, ‘At least we aren’t doxing little girls’, referencing the young girls Philadelphia Rep. Brian Sims bullied and attempted to disgrace on the internet last year in Philadelphia. Possibly worse, he offered a bounty to anyone who could identify 3 young minor children who were quietly praying outside of Planned Parenthood. His actions clearly showed a lack of respect for these young girls and their mother,” Knowles continued.

Doxing Teen Girls

The Canary reported on Sims reprehensible behavior when that happened. Sims took to Periscope, Twitter’s little-used livestreaming app and proudly showed himself harassing an elderly woman who quietly walked in protest on the sidewalk in front of that Planned Parenthood clinic. He then stalked several pro-life teen girls who were also protesting that day.

Sims implored his rabid followers to find out who they were and even offered bounty money to those who successfully “doxed” the girls. Doxing means providing private information on citizens in an attempt to shame and intimidate them.

Knowles says Sims intentionally misheard what was said at him on the House floor on Thursday night in Harrisburg.

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In the previous 24 hours, Sims fired up his followers by posting a foul-mouth tirade on Facebook Live expressing his frustration with being left out of the loop on the news that another representative in the House had tested positive for COVID-19.

Sims, again trying to pry into a person’s private life, believed he was entitled to know that Rep. Andrew Lewis, of Dauphin County, had tested positive. His histrionics were laughable, at best, but more pathetic than anything. He insinuated that Republicans in Harrisburg intentionally hid Lewis’ diagnosis to put Democrats at risk of contracting the illness.

Sims continued to rant and rave on the House floor on Thursday, echoing many of the same ridiculous statements he posted on Facebook. That’s when Knowles attacked Sims and called him out for his previous obscene behavior.

“Rep. Sims decided to pick and choose my words, fabricating a phrase to set a negative narrative about me, which fits the false narrative he is trying to peddle,” Knowles continued. “I cannot stand for lies and mistruths being spread about me.”

“I have many strong women in my life, who shaped me into the person I am today. These women include my wife, mother, sisters-in-laws and State Representatives with whom I work every day. I would never use anyone’s gender as a negative. I know the strength that so many females have,” Knowles added.

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DOH Secretary Levine Says GOP Followed Protocol

Sims got put in his place on Friday when at a press conference, Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Secretary Rachel Levine confirmed that the Republican Caucus followed proper protocol when learning of Rep. Lewis’ confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.

Knowles’ Opponent Chimes in to Appear Woke

Trying to appear woke, Knowles’ presumed opponent in the November election for the 124th District, Taylor Picone decided to chime in on the debacle before learning the apparent truth.

He quickly replied to a Sims tweet saying, “Hey @BrianSimsPA I’ve got your six! So does the amazing team of talented women helping me to run against @repknowles. Rachel, Heather, Jess, Allyssa, my badass Army wife Carrie, and many more! No more running unopposed and consequence free for Rep. Knowles. #LeadershipMatters”.

Picone also posted a long-winded Facebook video response to the Rep. Lewis diagnosis before learning that the DOH said the GOP leadership in the House followed proper protocol.


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  1. PTFloridians

    May 31, 2020 at 7:09 am

    False narratives aplenty these days with our lefties…they have weaponized everything nowadays…we were raised in this area as Democrats growing up and were told that they stood for the working man and his struggles.Generations of hard working, freedom loving Democrats in this area…not anymore. This is NOT the Democrat party of old. Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • admin

      May 31, 2020 at 11:36 am

      We know about the generations of Democrats in the area. You’re right. It’s now about accepting a mob mentality on everything. This doesn’t excuse all Republicans either. Know plenty of them who are power-hungry d-heads. But by comparison right now, it seems the Democrats are searching for brain-dead zombies who will believe anything coming from leadership’s mouths. And they try to spin the narrative to say “all Trump supporters worship him.” We dig Trump, a lot. But the moment he turns on his followers, we’ll be on the first train out of MAGA-land. Just hasn’t even come close to happening so far.

      • PTFloridians

        May 31, 2020 at 12:51 pm

        Indeed…there’s bad people on the D and the R side…there’s bad folks everywhere, but right now, it’s all too clear, that the left is in full-bore, all out warfare to keep their agendas and criminality alive. The pandemic isn’t working anymore, so they’ve created a race war to keep the fear, paranoia and division alive…

  2. Linda H

    May 31, 2020 at 7:43 am

    “Sims got put in his place on Friday when at a press conference, Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Secretary Rachel Levine confirmed that the Republican Caucus followed proper protocol when learning of Rep. Lewis’ confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis.”
    His reprimand could not have come from a better source!
    I did not realize he is the same guy who ranted at the planned parenthood. Oy!

    • admin

      May 31, 2020 at 11:32 am

      The guy is a piece of work … no offense to the other pieces of work out there.

  3. KeepAmericaGreat

    June 1, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    When I watched that lunatic’s video about Rep. Lewis “infecting” everyone when he was in the capital. I thought I knew what social distancing and contact tracing actually meant but I questioned that and looked up the definition on the CDC website (I’m embarrassed to admit that anything this wacko said made me question my own knowledge) So basically, this moron is claiming that if you are “infected” with Covid-19, you will put anyone and everyone at risk no matter how far away you are from them. So when it comes to social distancing, the rules are different when it comes to Sims. I actually think this guy should evaluated by health professionals. His planned parenthood video fiasco, this recent video and now the accusations toward Rep. Knowles make me seriously doubt his mental stability. This isn’t just not agreeing with his position. He’s out of reality!

    • Linda H

      June 1, 2020 at 3:18 pm

      If you know even a little bit, about body language, you realize he is a ticking time bomb. I fully agree, based on a few things he was doing, such as clutching at his head, he needs a professional to assess his mental state.
      I am not a professional but have studied enough on the topic, of watch what the body does, not the words they are saying. In his case its body movement and words. A bit frightening to watch a second time! The first time you are shocked by his language, the second time you view him.
      (Actually a better way would be to have the sound off and watch his movements. Just thought of that now)

      • PTFloridians

        June 1, 2020 at 3:36 pm

        Here’s hoping that anyone around him, doesn’t catch what he has…

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