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What Schuylkill League School Rules District XI Basketball?

piaa district xi basketball champions

The District XI basketball playoffs are the coal region form of March Madness, even if they start in February.

It’s the time of year that the best Schuylkill League basketball teams get a chance to test their mettle against schools from a slightly broader area.

Do well in the District XI playoffs and you’re moving on to the PIAA state basketball tournament.

Schuylkill League in District XI Basketball Playoffs

piaa district xi basketball champions

A lot of Schuylkill League schools have proud basketball histories. But we wanted to know who’s king and queen of the District XI tournaments among local schools.

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To do this, we combed through the District XI basketball archives and tallied up the titles. First thing we learned, no one holds a candle to Allentown Central Catholic. They’re far and away the all-time champs of District XI. The Vikings boys team has won 18 District XI basketball championships dating back to the 1985-86 season. And you can add on another 21 in the girls’ bracket in that time. That’s 39 total trophies!

Schuylkill League teams have their fair share of District XI hardware in their school trophy cases, too. So, let’s find out who’s on top. District XI data available online goes back to the 1985-86 season.

Here’s what we found:

Best Overall School in District XI

There are two teams who are a cut above the rest of the Schuylkill League.

The team with the most overall (boys and girls) District XI basketball championships among Schuylkill League teams is Pine Grove. The Cardinals have brought home a total of 18 District XI championships in basketball.

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But they have competition and could actually lose that top spot (or be forced to share) following the 2020 playoffs.

Mahanoy Area is right on the Cards tail with 17 championships.

Two other Schuylkill League teams have double-digit trophy totals: Nativity BVM has won a dozen and North Schuylkill has won 10.

Here’s a full breakdown of Schuylkill League or common Schuylkill League opponents in District XI competition:

  • 18: Pine Grove
  • 17: Mahanoy Area
  • 12: Nativity BVM
  • 10: North Schuylkill
  • 9: Marian Catholic
  • 9: Minersville
  • 6: Pottsville
  • 5: Blue Mountain
  • 5: Schuylkill Haven
  • 5: Weatherly
  • 4: Williams Valley
  • 4: Tri-Valley
  • 3: Tamaqua
  • 2: Cardinal Brennan
  • 1: Shenandoah Valley
  • 1: Lehighton
  • 0: Jim Thorpe

District XI Basketball Champions – Boys

Schuylkill League teams in the boys’ brackets haven’t done as well as the girls at the District XI level.

However, the top school in District XI boys’ competition is Mahanoy Area. The Golden Bears have won 7 titles since 1985-86.

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Here’s how many District XI boys’ basketball championships Schuylkill League teams have won:

  • 7: Mahanoy Area
  • 5: Pottsville
  • 5: Schuylkill Haven
  • 5: Marian Catholic
  • 4: Blue Mountain
  • 4: Williams Valley
  • 3: Minersville
  • 3: Pine Grove
  • 2: Nativity BVM
  • 2: Weatherly
  • 1: North Schuylkill
  • 1: Lehighton
  • 0: Tamaqua
  • 0: Shenandoah Valley
  • 0: Cardinal Brennan
  • 0: Jim Thorpe
  • 0: Tri-Valley

Here’s a look at the year-by-year breakdown by class for the District XI boys’ basketball championships:

2018-19Notre Dame-East StroudsburgExecutive Education AcademyPalmertonBethlehem CatholicPottsvilleWilliam Allen
2017-18Nativity BVMMoravian AcademyNotre Dame-Green PondBethlehem CatholicAllentown Central CatholicEast Stroudsburg-South
2016-17Lincoln Leadership AcademyMarian CatholicNotre Dame-Green PondBethlehem CatholicEast Stroudsburg-NorthPocono Mountain-West
2015-16Notre Dame-East StroudsburgMinersvillePottsvilleParkland
2014-15Notre Dame-East StroudsburgMahanoy AreaPottsvilleParkland
2013-14Mahanoy AreaNotre Dame-Green PondAllentown Central CatholicParkland
2012-13Mahanoy AreaNotre Dame-Green PondAllentown Central CatholicParkland
2011-12Pius XPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicPocono Mountain-West
2010-11Marian CatholicSalisburyAllentown Central CatholicWilliam Allen
2009-10Marian CatholicNotre Dame-Green PondPottsvilleLiberty
2008-09Williams ValleyNotre Dame-Green PondSouthern LehighParkland
2007-08Williams ValleyNorthern LehighAllentown Central CatholicLiberty
2006-07Notre Dame-East StroudsburgNotre Dame-Green PondBlue MountainEaston
2005-06Notre Dame-East StroudsburgCatasaquaAllentown Central CatholicWilliam Allen
2004-05Notre Dame-East StroudsburgNotre Dame-Green PondAllentown Central CatholicWhitehall
2003-04Pius XPen ArgylAllentown Central CatholicWhitehall
2002-03Williams ValleyNotre Dame-Green PondBlue MountainParkland
2001-02WeatherlyPine GroveBethlehem CatholicWilliam Allen
2000-01Mahanoy AreaMinersvilleAllentown Central CatholicParkland
1999-2000Pius XWilliams ValleyAllentown Central CatholicParkland
1998-99Marian CatholicMahanoy AreaNorth Schuylkill Stroudsburg
1997-98Mahanoy AreaNorthwestern LehighBethlehem CatholicPleasant Valley
1996-97Schuylkill HavenCatasaquaAllentown Central CatholicWhitehall
1995-96Nativity BVMSalisburyBlue MountainStroudsburg
1994-95Marian CatholicMount CarmelAllentown Central CatholicLiberty
1993-94MinersvilleNotre Dame-Green PondAllentown Central CatholicEast Stroudsburg
1992-93Schuylkill HavenPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicWilliam Allen
1991-92Schuylkill HavenSaucon ValleyAllentown Central CatholicWhitehall
1990-91Mahanoy AreaMount CarmelBlue MountainWhitehall
1989-90Schuylkill HavenSalisburyPottsvilleWhitehall
1988-89Schuylkill Haven PalmertonAllentown Central CatholicWhitehall
1987-88FreelandSalisburyBangorWilliam Allen
1985-86WeatherlyPanther ValleyAllentown Central CatholicEmmaus

District XI Basketball Champions – Girls

The Schuylkill League has seen several dynasties in girls basketball over the years. And those teams have enjoyed tremendous success in the District XI tournament.

But no team has won more than the Pine Grove Lady Cardinals. The team has 15 District XI titles dating back to the 1985-86 season. Two other teams who’ve enjoyed long runs of success have 10 wins another another Schuylkill League school has 9 girls’ titles.

Here’s the full list of title winners:

  • 15: Pine Grove
  • 10: Nativity BVM
  • 10: Mahanoy Area
  • 9: North Schuylkill
  • 6: Minersville
  • 4: Tri-Valley
  • 4: Marian Catholic
  • 3: Weatherly
  • 3: Tamaqua
  • 2: Cardinal Brennan
  • 1: Pottsville
  • 1: Blue Mountain
  • 1: Shenandoah Valley
  • 0: Williams Valley
  • 0: Schuylkill Haven
  • 0: Jim Thorpe
  • 0: Lehighton

Here’s a look at the year-by-year breakdown by class for the District XI girls’ basketball championships:

2018-19WeatherlyMahanoy AreaNotre Dame-Green PondBethlehem CatholicSouthern LehighNorthampton
2017-18WeatherlyMahanoy AreaNorth SchuylkillBethlehem CatholicSouthern LehighFreedom
2016-17Nativity BVMMinersvillePine GroveBethlehem CatholicSouthern LehighEaston
2015-16Mahanoy AreaMinersvilleSouthern LehighNazareth
2014-15Shenandoah ValleyMinersvilleBethlehem CatholicNazareth
2013-14Marian CatholicMinersvilleBethlehem CatholicParkland
2012-13Tri-ValleyNotre Dame-Green PondBethlehem CatholicNazareth
2011-12Tri-ValleyPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicBangor
2010-11Tri-ValleyPine GroveTamaquaNorthampton
2009-10Tri-ValleyTamaquaAllentown Central CatholicNorthampton
2008-09Nativity BVMTamaquaAllentown Central CatholicLiberty
2007-08Marian CatholicPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicWilliam Allen
2006-07Nativity BVMNorth SchuylkillAllentown Central CatholicParkland
2005-06Nativity BVMNorthwestern LehighAllentown Central CatholicFreedom
2004-05Marian CatholicNorth SchuylkillAllentown Central CatholicParkland
2003-04Cardinal BrennanNorth SchuylkillAllentown Central CatholicEmmaus
2002-03Cardinal BrennanPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicPleasant Valley
2001-02Nativity BVMPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicEmmaus
2000-01Nativity BVMPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicEmmaus
1999-2000Nativity BVMPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicLiberty
1998-99Nativity BVMPanther ValleyBlue MountainEaston
1997-98Mahanoy AreaPine GroveAllentown Central CatholicEmmaus
1996-97Nativity BVMPalmertonNorth SchuylkillNorthampton
1995-96Mahanoy AreaPine GroveNorth SchuylkillAllentown Central Catholic
1994-95Mahanoy AreaNotre Dame-Green PondBethlehem CatholicNorthampton
1993-94Notre DamePine GroveBethlehem CatholicAllentown Central Catholic
1992-93Notre DamePine GroveBethlehem CatholicAllentown Central Catholic
1991-92Notre DamePine GroveBethlehem CatholicAllentown Central Catholic
1990-91Nativity BVMMahanoy AreaAllentown Central CatholicPottsville
1989-90MinersvilleMahanoy AreaNorth SchuylkillAllentown Central Catholic
1988-89Mahanoy AreaMinersvillePine GroveAllentown Central Catholic
1987-88Mahanoy AreaCatasaquaNorth Schuylkill Whitehall
1986-87Notre DamePine GroveAllentown Central CatholicFreedom
1985-86WeatherlyMarian North SchuylkillWhitehall


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