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People continue panicking over the seemingly dangerous Chinese Wuhan coronavirus. Science searches for a remedy. But the internet asks the tough questions. Do we keep calling it coronavirus? Or is it time to call this thing Kung Flu?

Coronavirus (or Kung Flu) reached pandemic stage this week. Quarantines issued across China. Next, the World Health Organization and US government declare public health emergencies.

And the internet starts a meme battle – should we call this coronavirus? Or is it time to switch to Kung Flu?

Coronavirus vs Kung Flu – Meme Deathmatch

Let’s be honest. At least we’re done with war memes.

ww3 coronavirus meme

These are unusual times. We need to come together.

coronavirus skip work meme


But let’s not freak out here, OK?

coronavirus chill out meme

We’re in this fight together.

coronavirus lyme disease meme

Coronavirus, itself, confirmed as much on Twitter.

coronavirus honestly memes

So, at least the kids are safe.

coronavirus legally meme

Let’s take care of the neighbors.

coronavirus passed out mexico meme

(Image: Shut Up and Take My Money)

Watch out for the signs.

coronavirus patient zero meme

Don’t forget to let the news keep you informed.

coronavirus outbreak meme

Be prepared!

coronavirus stonks meme

And, of course, make memes.

coronavirus chinese student meme

And if that’s not enough, make more. In fact, this is so big, coronavirus needed a second name.

The internet ran out of memes. Enter the Kung Flu.

kung flu pooh meme

Kung Flu Memes

Hear the rally cry.

kung flu fighting meme

Get yourself checked.

Join the fight.

kung flu petition meme

We can’t let Kung Flu win, despite it being a clearly better name than coronavirus. We need everyone.

i know kung flu meme

To win, we’re going to have to make sacrifices. Even if it comes at the expense of our social lives.

kung flu date meme

Remember, these are unusual times. Be wary of disinformation.

kung flu reddit meme

Especially from this guy …

xi flu meme

… the one they call Winnie the Flu.

winnie the flu meme


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