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Bud Light Seltzer is Basically Zima, Right?

bud light seltzer zima meme

bud light seltzer zima meme

This whole Seltzer story has some legs, ain’t?

Even though most people probably couldn’t drive to Seltzer (we call it Seltzer City) without the help of GPS, it seems everyone’s talking about it these days.

Hopefully the little village is soaking up its moment in the sun because like the trendy beverage that shares its name, it won’t last long.

Bud Light Seltzer is Zima

Zima first started appearing at bad parties back in 1993. It’s a clear malt beverage that apparently tried to corner the douchebag market back in the mid-1990s.

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Check out this early Zima commercial and you’ll see what we mean:

Zoinks! It’s like FRIENDS but everyone’s trashed on something that’s not beer.

But you can easily see why Zima didn’t last. It tried to make a comeback in 2017 but … nah. Still trash.

It’s not bad marketing that doomed it, though, it’s just that trendy drinks like this seem to come and go. The main reason they go? They’re not good.

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In fact, with the exception of Zima, the marketing around these trendy drinks is usually pretty good. Viral before it was viral.

Bud Light Seltzer

The only reason we’re talking about this is because Budweiser chose Seltzer, PA, as the muse for the launch of its soon-to-be unpopular Bud Light Seltzer drink. It’s the unofficial spokes-town of the drink.

People outside Schuylkill County are wondering where the heck Seltzer is.

We’d be willing to bet more people in Schuylkill County don’t know where Seltzer is than do know. If you’re not from Pottsville or Minersville, there aren’t many reasons you’d go there. Vintage residents may remember the Estate Tavern over in Seltzer City.

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But these commercials that show a fictitious Seltzer, PA. It’s nothing like the actual Seltzer and were actually filmed at a bar in South Carolina.

So, that’s all there really is to say about Bud Light Seltzer. Yes, the company made a nice donation to Seltzer Hose Company and stocked up its bar with an exclusive supply of the drink. That’s a nice gesture.

But this is going the way of trendy drinks of the past. Like …

Bud Ice

At least these trendy boozes have fun marketing campaigns (with the exception of Zima). This commercial series was definitely more popular than Bud Ice.

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Classic stuff — the 90s.

And never forget …

Bartles & Jaymes Wine Coolers

These were the rage in the 80s and these two famous pitchmen helped drive a lot of sales of some pretty lousy drinks.

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Finally …


There were probably 2 people on the planet who drank Ripple, something they say was popular in the 1970s.

You’ve got the lady in this commercial that clearly pre-dates the 70s:

And Fred Sanford.

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Here’s one scene where he compares Mexican sangria to flat Ripple, or flapple:

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