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Revealed? The Secret Ingredients to the Casa de Tellez Steak

casa de tellez steak ingredients

It’s been nearly 5 years since the beloved restaurant Casa de Tellez closed.

Located in West West Terrace, it was a popular Mexican and American dinner spot in Schuylkill County for decades.

We’re starting to see some more beloved restaurants close their doors at the beginning of 2020. Some real local favorites — the Greystone, Coney Express — are closing up.

This disturbing trend prompted our friend at to take a longer trip down memory lane, remembering the best of those eateries that stopped serving years ago.

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His list definitely has more of a northern Schuylkill flavor but definitely some universal favorites. We even got him to re-think whether or not a certain pizzeria deserved to make the cut.

Casa de Tellez Restaurant Secret Steak Ingredients

Coalspeaker may have buried the lede here a bit. It definitely included “Casa”.

But in his description of Casa de Tellez, which deservedly made his list, he discussed the restaurant’s infamous steak.

Casa got a reputation for 3 things: its steak, its cheese soup, and long wait times.

But you never heard anyone complain about the wait times. The food was that good!

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So, about those secret ingredients …

From what Coalspeaker is telling everyone … he heard it from someone who knows someone who knows someone in the know …

So, from what he’s telling everyone, there are 3 secret ingredients to cooking a Casa de Tellez-style steak. And NO salt (except for all the salt and sodium in these ingredients)!

Adolph’s Meat Tenderizer

adolphs meat tenderizer

(Image: Amazon)

Apparently, you want to sprinkle some of Lawry’s Adolph’s Tenderizer on your steak.

Accent – All Natural Flavor Enhancer

Sprinkle on some Accent Flavor Enhancer.

Accent is a salt substitute and contains 60% less sodium than salt. However, that meat tenderizer contains salt, so watch how much you sprinkle of each of these on your steak.

Then you’re going to want to brown your steak. Get a nice sear on all sides.

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Finally, you’re about to go into the oven with this but you’ll first add some butter and …

Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce

Pour some Kitchen Bouquet in the pan before you place the steak in the oven.

Cook this until it’s done to your liking. It should only take a few more minutes to cook at 375 and there you have it.

That’s what someone who knew told someone else who told someone who shared this secret online.

Have you tried this recipe? Do you remember the Casa de Tellez steaks? What do you think of Coalspeaker’s list of gone-but-not-forgotten Schuylkill County restaurants?

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