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Pottsville Robbery, Vehicle Theft Serve as Warning Signs

Last year, we heard some crime reports out of Pottsville indicating things are definitely taking a turn for the worse around here.

We weren’t counting but how many times do you remember hearing reports of “shots fired” out of Pottsville in the recent past?

For the most part, Pottsville is supposed to be a relatively safe, non-violent place to live and visit.

Pottsville Crimes to Start 2020

Now, we’re not saying it’s still not a safe city. Compared to places within a half-hour or so, we’ve got it pretty good here.

But two recent crimes reported by Pottsville PD this week, combined with the disturbing reports we heard last year, reinforce the idea that this isn’t the same Pottsville you may have grown up knowing.

At the very least, make sure your doors are locked.

Robbery at Foursquare Gospel Church in Pottsville

The first of two thefts reported this week by Pottsville PD actually happened back on Jan. 2. The incident occurred just before midnight that night at 2300 Mahantongo St., the Foursquare Gospel Church. That’s where someone swiped valuable music equipment from the place of worship.

Police say someone took an Ibanez guitar, a Fender bass amp, a ukulele, microphones, speakers, cables, and a laptop.

They released this photo of the suspect they believed was responsible for the theft:

The good news here is that later in the day Monday, hours after posting this photo, Pottsville PD announced they caught the suspect:

Toyota Rav4 Stolen from West Norwegian Street

But wait, there’s more.

Also this week, police reported the theft of a 2020 Toyota Rav4 from the 1400 block of West Norwegian Street. They say it was taken on Sunday afternoon, Jan. 19, at 5:23 p.m.

Good news here again, if you’re looking for the silver lining, is that Pottsville PD reported apprehending the suspects and recovering the stolen vehicle. They reported it on Twitter early Tuesday morning.

More Crime in Pottsville’s Future?

Now, we know that all cities have problems like these. But when they happen in Pottsville, they stand out. The main reason they do is that it never really happened here. If it did, it surely didn’t seem to happen as often.

Though we don’t know the motivation behind these particular crimes, many of those reported last year and recently deal with the drug scourge plaguing Schuylkill County. They’re crimes of desperation, committed by desperate people.

As we don’t see that trend changing in the immediate future, we worry these crimes will continue.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

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  2. Georgine Joyce

    January 22, 2020 at 8:52 pm

    Yes, it didn’t seem to happen as much before. In the past our major crimes such as large theft have been perpetrated by people in power and it was usually swept under the rug. In many cases, these drug crimes are swept under the rug because the people rat each other out. Certain people in this county are known to law enforcement as drug dealers, but for one reason or anther they get a pass. Pottsvile has been going down hill for many years. Drive up Market Street on a warm evening. People who obviously have nothing better to do than stand on the corner with their young children in baby carriages. A friend told me that often people bring their children in to bars and sit and drink. I can’t believe owners allow this. But, no one does anything about it. Postmen repeatedly deliver mail to obviously abandoned buildings that people are using as a legitimate address. And, what are you all doing about it? Are there any neighborhood watches? Are there no able bodied men willing to make a stand and take back their neighborhoods? Obviously not.

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