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We’re right smack dab in the middle of college football bowl season.

Both Penn State and Notre Dame won, so local fans are likely feeling good about that.

But probably not too good.

The Irish beat Iowa State in something called the Camping World Bowl. And the Nittany Lions pasted Memphis in the Cotton Bowl.

The Cotton Bowl used to be a pretty big deal. It was a traditional New Year’s Day game when New Year’s Day was the highlight of the college football season.

Now, the Cotton Bowl feels just like any of the other bowl games, except for the big ones.

Too Many Bowl Games

In the 2019-20 season, there will be 40 bowl games for the traditional big college teams. That includes 33 regular bowls, the 6 New Year’s Day games and the National Championship game on January 13 between Clemson and LSU.

We don’t really care about any of the bowl games. But we are intrigued by the growing list of bowl games.

They’ve got one for everything. Well, almost everything.

If there’s room for a Camellia Bowl, there should definitely be a Pierogi Bowl or a Yuengling Bowl. There aren’t any beer sponsors for college bowl games (yet) so we’d be OK with a Pierogi Bowl.

Now, just imagine if the winners of the bowl games won the thing the bowls are named for (not the sponsor).

For instance, instead of all the cash Penn State (the school, not the players) gets for winning the Cotton Bowl, imagine if they won cotton instead.

So, if you won a college bowl game and won the thing for which the game was named, which bowl game would you most want to win?

For this contest, you win the bowl name, not the sponsor unless the sponsor is the bowl. Think about this long and hard before you instinctively answer “Cheez-Its”.

If you won what your bowl game was named for, which bowl would you most want to win?

This poll has been finished and no longer available to vote !

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