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A massive crowd gathers to see President Donald Trump deliver one of his infamous MAGA rally speeches tonight in Montoursville, PA.

Trump’s in Pennsylvania on the eve of the Municipal primary stumping in a special election race, for Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District in the House of Representatives. Obviously, Trump’s pushing voters to head to the polls to pick Fred Keller over his opponent, Democrat Marc Friedenberg.

President Trump MAGA Rally in Montoursville

If you didn’t camp out for hours just for the chance to stand outside and listen to it, you can watch the whole MAGA rally right here, courtesy of Right Side Broadcasting Network:

With RS, you’re going to get unfiltered coverage of the Trump rally in Montoursville, including all the under-card speakers at the rally.

The President takes the stage at about 7 p.m.

Expect the President to discuss the following issues key to Pennsylvania voters:

  • The new NAFTA trade deal
  • Joe Biden
  • Other Democrats
  • The Fake News media
  • Pro-life bills passing in other states

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