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Pennsylvania Dutch is the 41st Sexiest Accent in America

If you think the tractor’s sexy, wait’ll you hear them talk oncest.

Why, a new study done by the website Big 7 Travel chust ranked the Pennsylvania Dutch accent as the 41st sexiest accent in America.

According to the results, Pennsylvania Dutch is chust a little less seggzy than the Appalachia accent (more West Virginny than anything you’d find here). But it’s sexier than the Pittsburgh “yinzer” accent that sounds a lot like PA Dutch. That ranked 43rd. And those jags definitely don’t speak Pennsylvania Dutch there.

Sexiest American Accents – Pennsylvania Dutch is #41

Big 7 surveyed readers to find out what accent is sexiest in America. The sexiest? They say it’s the Texan accent.

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Second on the list is Boston. Third is the New York accent, but not Long Island. That Lawn-guy-lund accent ranked at #50. Philadelphia’s accent ranked 8th, surprisingly.

You hear bits and pieces of these accents around here, save for the Bostonian. Lots of people say “wudder” around here.

It’s hard to tell if Pennsylvania Dutch coming in at #41 is a good or bad thing. Is it really sexy or does being at the bottom of this list a knock on the dialect?

The only indications are that the survey is prefaced: “Consider yourself very lucky if your accent is among the Top 10 …”.

The Coal Cracker accent you hear anywhere from Minersville to North of the Mountain does not make the list.

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It, like Pennsylvania Dutch, is like an acquired taste. Kinda like sauerkraut.

That Pennsylvania Dutch accent is certainly the most unique. And it’s definitely dying ot.

The PA Dutch accent is probably thickest around the Hegins and Tower City areas. But you can hear it in some people from Cressona and Schuylkill Haven, Orwigsburg and Auburn, New Ringgold, definitely Pine Grove and Tremont and points in between.

Sexiest Accents Ranked

Here’s a look at the full Top 50 Sexiest American Accents

  1. Texan
  2. Bostonian
  3. New York (but not Long Island)
  4. Mainer
  5. Chicago
  6. Mississippi
  7. Hawai’ian
  8. Phiwwy
  9. St. Louis
  10. California (but not Valley girl)
  11. Northwestern
  12. Chicano
  13. Miami
  14. Yooper (Michigan’s Upper Peninsula)
  15. Cajun
  16. Midwestern
  17. Alabama
  18. Baltimorese
  19. Virginia Piedmont
  20. Tennessean
  21. Kansan
  22. Connecticut
  23. Cleveland
  24. Oklahoma
  25. New Orleans
  26. Kentucky
  27. Charleston (South Carolina)
  28. Western
  29. Milwaukee
  30. New Mexican
  31. Atlantan
  32. “General” American
  33. Hudson Valley
  34. San Francisco
  35. “Hoi Toider” (Outer Banks, NC)
  36. Ozark
  37. Tallahassee
  38. Providence
  39. Colorado
  40. Appalachian
  41. Pennsylvania Dutch
  42. Cincinnati
  43. Pittsburgh-ese
  44. Floridian
  45. Southern Ohioan
  46. California Valley (Like, look how far down this is.)
  47. Alaskan
  48. Minnesotan
  49. New Jersey
  50. Long Islander

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