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Patrick Murphy Murder Case - The Latest

Patrick Murphy Murder Case – Megan Hall Due Back in Court May 3

On May 3, we may find out if the Patrick Murphy murder case goes to trial.

According to a spokesperson inside the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, we may find out before then.

Judicial Administrator Robert J. Kazik tells The Canary that Megan Hall should appear in court on May 3 at 3 p.m. That’s for a Rule to Show Cause hearing. At that time, we’re likely to learn whether the case against Hall is accepted and moves to the trial phase.

“It may be accepted before then. The case will then be sent to one of our felony sections of court and the (May 3) hearing date will not occur,” Kazik tells The Canary.

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Patrick Murphy Murder: Rule to Show Cause Hearing

If the hearing follows schedule, Hall appears before Orleans Parish Section 2 Magistrate Commissioner Brigid Collins, The Canary’ learned.

Hall remains locked up in Orleans Parish Justice Center on $750,000 bail. She faces second-degree murder charges for killing Pottsville businessman Patrick Murphy on the morning of Feb. 28.

Hall, a prostitute, allegedly killed Murphy inside the seedy Empress Hotel in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans. Murphy was in New Orleans with his wife but apparently was separated from her earlier in the night. That’s when he allegedly met Hall and went to the hotel.

Hotel staff found Murphy the next morning dead in his room.

Police issued a warrant for Hall’s arrest soon after that. She turned herself into police on March 3 in New Orleans.

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At her last known court appearance, defense attorney John Fuller tried to get Hall’s bail reduced. That effort failed.

Fuller says second-degree murder, if there was a crime, is not the appropriate charge as the killing was described.

At the time of the Rule to Show Cause hearing, Hall will be in jail for 60 days. That’s typically the limit in Louisiana for the District Attorney to move forward with charges or not.

Based on testimony given at the Preliminary Hearing on March 28, it appears the DA wants the case to move forward. The prosecution believes Hall is guilty of second degree murder.

Hall appeared at a court hearing the following day but no information is publicly available on it. On the state’s Docket Master for Hall, the March 29 hearing is noted as a “Progress Report”. It and the Rule to Show Cause hearing were scheduled when Hall was first arraigned.

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There’s nothing else on Hall’s court schedule.

When the proceedings conclude on May 3, we’ll likely learn if the state can move forward with a case of second degree murder against Hall.

What Happens at a Rule to Show Cause Hearing?

A Rule to Show Cause Hearing happens when one side of the case makes a request and asks the opposition to provide a reason to oppose it, if any.

In the Murphy murder case, the defense called for this hearing. That means the prosecution must prove to the court why the defense can’t have its way on a particular issue.

Based on court records, The Canary believes the defense is asking for Hall’s right to incriminate herself during a trial. Those are the infamous Fifth Amendment rights.

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Now, that could be one of two crimes, or both:

  • Solicitation of prostitution
  • Killing Patrick Murphy

We’re not completely sure the defense’s case centers around another potential killer or if it’s a matter of a trick gone wrong.

In one case, the defense could argue Hall didn’t kill Murphy. The only evidence presented so far is surveillance video showing Hall and Murphy entering the hotel, then Hall leaving alone.

We don’t know if police have fingerprint evidence or any other indication that Hall killed Murphy.

Another potential defense is that Hall admits to killing Murphy and that he hired her as a prostitute. However, she tries to say Murphy did something to cause her to act in self-defense.

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Preliminary Hearing Recap

At the preliminary hearing last month, we learned that Murphy died of three stab wounds on the front of his body.

Defense attorney John Fuller argued that that, among other reasons, doesn’t prove intent to kill. However, Assistant District Attorney Inga Petrovich says the act is the very definition of showing intent to kill.

Hall faces second degree charges for killing Patrick Murphy. If she’s guilty, she’s going to prison for life.

Check out previous coverage of the Patrick Murphy murder case from The Canary:


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  1. Linda

    April 20, 2019 at 7:46 am

    After speaking to someone very close to the case, I am certain the detectives have some additional evidence to be presented. The exacts, of which, I will leave to the court to disclose.
    I will say its going to be an interesting case. And feel, no matter what the outcome, in NOLA, some of the locals will have a lot more to say once the case is closed. Some good and some bad.

    • Benji

      April 22, 2019 at 8:21 am

      In other words you don’t know Jack Shit, or his brother for that matter. Quit throwing random crap out there. If you arent going to add to the discussion one way or another just keep your mouth shut.

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