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Where’s the Best Place to Get Pizza in Pottsville?

In Pottsville, pizza places are a plenty.

But who’s got the best pizza in Pottsville?

We’re using decades of experience to find the best pizza in the city. But we’re not just relying on history. Not at all. If one of these noted Pottsville pizza places ever starts to slip in quality, these power rankings will definitely note that.

The Ultimate Pottsville Pizza Power Rankings

1. Pottsville Pizzeria

pottsville pizza

Image: Pottsville PIzzeria/Facebook

You can’t go wrong. This is a classic for a reason. Truly unique pizza. Airy crust. (Get it crispy!) Best toppings: mushrooms or raw onions. Best service in Pottsville. We’ll race anyone through a small six-cut pie.

2. Roma Pizza

pottsville pizza

Image: Roma Pizza/Facebook

There’s a reason the line goes to the door sometimes. The place is an institution downtown. You don’t just stay in business in Pottsville for more than half a century by accident.

3. Palermo’s

OK, so it’s not technically in Pottsville but it’s definitely not IN Minersville. Besides, pizza this good can’t be left off the list. Again, the lines to get in should tip anyone off.

4. Fast Freddy’s Sub Shop

Underrated and hidden on Pottsville’s suspicious East Side. Fast Freddy’s is quality pizza, consistent (maybe more so than a certain place higher on this list) and nicely priced.

5. Charlie’s Pizza & Sub Shop

Easily the simplest pizza on this list. No frills, for sure. Barroom pizza, essentially. But just try the tangy pepper 4-cut pie if you never have. Priced better than right.

6. Vito’s Coal Fired Pizza

Far and away the most sophisticated pizza in the county. We remember a time when they didn’t have onions as a topping on the menu. Is that even possible? Not an every day pizza and pizza could/should be an every day food.

7. OIP – Saint Clair

This place is the reason one square block of Saint Clair smells like garlic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe overdoing it a bit though. Decent pizza.

8. Giorgio’s, Saint Clair

Maybe we can call Saint Clair “Land of the Decent Pizza”?

9. Tony’s

The poker machines skill games when you walk in aren’t the nicest welcome. Maybe the pizza’s a gamble, too, but ours wasn’t that great.

10. Domino’s

A few years ago when Domino’s essentially admitted its pizza was crap, they made a massive upgrade. The pizza has gone from dare to acceptable to sometimes surprisingly good.

11. OIP – Pottsville

This particular OIP location has a strange name. Sure, it’s Original Italian Pizza but it’s the wings they should be promoting. The pizza? It’s OK, most times. The display pies are not inviting. The wings, though … even if you don’t like wings, try the wings.

12. The Old Roman Delight at the Fairlane Village Mall

Think of the last time you remember the Roman Delight at Fairlane Village Mall. OK, now see if you can remember when it was half that size and didn’t look like it did when it finally closed. That’s the pizza we’re talking about. The memory of that pizza is actually better than some of the other pizza in the area.

13. Mamma Mia’s, Port Carbon

What’s up with the foggy windows? The crust is too doughy.

14. Pizza Hut – Route 61

Place is cranking out some weird looking pizza from time to time. Pizza Hut? More like Pizza Wut.


Retired Pottsville Pizza Restaurants

Pizza Hut – Gordon Nagle Trail

This place is definitely not the place on Route 61. Miss the ambiance of the old Hut location. Something just feels too clinical with this strip mall version. Pizza is exactly what you’d expect from Pizza Hut. Can’t same the same for the other one.

This location closed up shop on Dec. 30, 2019.

Think our list needs some work?

We’re shocked! 😲

Tell us why you think some places need to be higher or lower on the list in the Comments section.

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  1. carol Reber

    February 25, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    last thing i heard was that fast freddys doesnt make or have pizza, cause they dont have anyone there to make pizza. true or rumor i dont know do you

    • admin

      February 25, 2019 at 8:09 pm

      As if the East Side could endure any more punishment! We hope this isn’t true. Great business with an old-school Pottsville feel!

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