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Mahanoy Area School District is fed up with the kids at one particular bus stop. So, they’re making them walk.

Well, either that or find another ride to school.

Since there was no school yesterday, today was the first day these little punks had to hoof it to school. And it’s cold today, so hopefully the ones at the root of the problem didn’t get a ride.

Here’s not video of one of them this morning:

Mahanoy Area to Kids: “Hit the Bricks”

In a recent Facebook post, officials at Mahanoy Area say kids ignored repeated warnings about the behavior at the 4th and Centre streets stop.

The school says …

“Due to the many warnings, overwhelming discipline issues, numerous visits to the bus stop from the Transportation Director, Elementary Principal, Elementary Assistant Principal, our School Resource Officer, and the Mahanoy City Police Department, the 4th and Centre Street bus stop will be eliminated as of Monday, March 4, 2019.

The bus will no longer pick students up at that stop. Those students must now walk to school or be driven by a parent. Additionally, students may not pick up the bus at an alternate stop.”

A lot of people read that and feel refreshed. Finally!

And, not just on the Mahanoy level, though we hope this gets cleared up quickly. But finally, a little old-fashioned discipline. Knock a little frost off these snowflakes.

But, the announcement was greeted on social media with some negativity … and A LOT of GIFs from people who applaud the decision.

One parent says, presumably in disagreement: “Dont make anyone accountable, eliminate bus stop 🤦‍♀️”

Most parents think the school is right here. We’re using our partially-patented GIF translator to determine this.

To the user who posted this reaction GIF, kudos.

Good for Mahanoy Area

And we agree with Mahanoy Area here. Kids today, right?

Of course, we have to worry that if 4 visits TO the bus stop from the school officials AND a visit from the Mahanoy City Police Department isn’t enough to stop the problems, what can?

We also think that while it may seem appropriate to punish the lot for the sins of the few, as it were, parents of children who aren’t causing problems won’t stand for this. And nor should they. They’re paying for that ride to school.

Let’s just hope they hold off any lawsuits to see if these kids learn their lesson now before they get older. Remember, these are elementary students. Seriously, kids today!

Double Time, Brat!

We’ve seen some recent individual cases where parents make their kids walk to school. It’s prompted, usually, by bad behavior.

Remember this case from December last year?

A dad in Ohio made his daughter walk 5 MILES to school. She was constantly getting in trouble for bullying on the bus.

Then there was this dad in Virginia last March. His son was bullying others. So, he made him hit the X button all the way to school … in the rain!

In each case, people who coddle these kids-gone-bad want to throw abuse accusations at the parents.

To that end, we’ll take that one Mahanoy parent’s quote out of context here and say, 🤦‍♀️.

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