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Sizzler: Heat Wave Approaching Schuylkill County Next Week

Ole, ole, ole, ole … feeling hot, hot, hot!

Summer is coming a few days early for Schuylkill County this year. The first heat wave of the year is likely for next week here.

Temperatures will likely be above 90° starting early next week for a full 5 days, up to 7 days.

After a relatively mild, average weekend, we’re going to experience some scorching temperatures as we approach the first day of summer next Thursday.

According to the most recent National Weather Service forecast for Pottsville, temperatures will be near or above 90° from Monday through Thursday. The extended forecast from The Weather Channel has the first heat wave of the year going through next weekend, too.

“The main concern for much warmer than average temperatures comes at the beginning of next week. These warmer temperatures are expected on Monday and into Wednesday of next week,” NWS-State College Meteorologist Nicholas Beaty tells The Canary.

Beyond Wednesday, Beaty says, there’s a bit of uncertainty over how long the heat will persist.

“There is still quite a bit of uncertainty once we get past Wednesday of next week, but trends from the Climate Prediction Center in this timeframe are tipping towards warmer than average temperatures in that timeframe,” he says.

Schuylkill County Heat Wave

Here’s a look at the current forecasted high temps for Schuylkill County through next week:

  • Today: 84°
  • Saturday: 78°
  • Sunday: 79°
  • Monday: 88°
  • Tuesday: 93°
  • Wednesday: 92°
  • Thursday: 93°
  • Friday: 95°
  • Saturday: 93°
  • Sunday: 89°

National Weather Service defines a heat wave as an abnormally hot stretch of weather, typically lasting at least 3 days. Right now, our forecast calls for 5 days above 90° but potentially 7 days.

It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity! But it’s also the heat, for sure.

On Monday, we are likely to experience a dry heat with dew points in the low-to-mid 60s. But as the week progresses, expect the air to get muggier and more uncomfortable. Dew points, Beaty says, will be in the upper-60s and low-70s later in the week.

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