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Former Shenandoah Valley Sign Language Interpreter Charged Over Alleged Sex with 2 Students

Kimberly McIntyre released on $100,000 bail.

A former sign language interpreter employed by Shenandoah Valley School District is facing multiple sexual assault charges after allegedly having relationships with two high school students. 

Charges were filed on Monday against Kimberly McIntyre, 32, of Gordon, for allegedly having sexual contact with two Shenandoah Valley students. 

State Police-Frackville filed charges against McIntyre before District Magistrate Anthony Kilker. 

In his criminal complaint, State Police Cpl. Francis McDonald says he was notified of an alleged sexual relationship between McIntyre and a Shenandoah Valley student by High School Principal John Brennan.

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Brennan told police that he learned of his relationship from another employee at Shenandoah Valley. He said that employee told him McIntyre was having a relationship with a 16-year-old high school student. 

The principal said the student told him, during an interview, that he’d had a sexual encounter with McIntyre after a football game in September 2022, when he was 15. 

McIntyre worked with a hearing-impaired student on the Shenandoah Valley football team at that time.

Brennan told police that the student in this instance also told another school district employee that worked with McIntyre, through Snapchat, about his relationship.

This student also allegedly told Brennan that he wasn’t the only student involved in a sexual relationship with McIntyre. 

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In March 2023, Brennan, along with Superintendent Brian Waite and Special Education Director Michelle Zinkus, interviewed McIntyre at the school. During this interview, Brennan tells police that McIntyre admitted to having sexual relationships with both students. 

After this alleged admission, police conducted interviews with both student victims. 

In one, the student was interviewed by police with his father present. While the father was there, the student denied having any relationship with McIntyre, but when the father exited at the student’s request, police say he admitted to sexual encounters with McIntyre.

He said he “had a crush” on McIntyre and started conversing with her one day when he says he saw that she was upset. Eventually, he called her one night after work, which he believed to be in either September or October 2022. 

The first time this student remembers meeting McIntyre outside of school was one night at the Redner’s grocery store parking lot. However, he said that on that occassion, the two just talked. 

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On another night, the two arranged to meet after he was done work. The student said they were driving around and talking. At some point, McIntyre allegedly parked her vehicle and the student performed oral sex on her, according to his statement to police.

This student also told police that he and McIntyre had sex at least 10 times, sometimes at her mother’s home in Gordon or at her home, also in Gordon, and in his car at places in and around Shenandoah where “they wouldn’t get caught,” he told police.

Police asked the student if anyone knew that he and McIntyre were in a relationship, to which he said another student likely knew because that student and McIntyre had previously “hooked up” before their relationship.

This other student was interviewed by McDonald in the presence of his mother also in March 2023.

During the interview, police say, this second student admitted to a sexual relationship with McIntyre. He said that after a football game, he and McIntyre went to a McDonald’s near Frackville. After that, the two drove around until they ended up at the Mrs. T’s building in Shenandoah, near the loading bays. 

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At that point, McIntyre allegedly reached over to the student and eventually performed oral sex on him, and then drove him home, police say.

McIntyre is facing 4 third-degree felony charges of sexual contact with a student, 4 third-degree felony counts of corruption of minors, and a first-degree felony count of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 16 years old, and a first-degree felony charge of statutory sexual assault.

She was released on $100,000 unsecured bail and is due back in court on Feb. 8 for a preliminary hearing.

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