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PA Trout Stocking Schedule for Schuylkill County in 2023

Plan your first day of fishing today!

pa trout fishing schedule 2023 schuylkill county

Trout fishing season in Pennsylvania officially opens on April 1, 2023, and that means it’s time to check out the PA trout stocking schedule for Schuylkill County to plan your first day of fishing.

Remember, there are no more regional start dates to the trout season in Pennsylvania. So, Schuylkill County anglers hit the streams and lakes the same day as everyone else again.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission recently announced its trout stocking schedule for 2023.

We’ve sorted through all the information and have prepared this handy chart for following where and what trout will be stocked in Schuylkill County waterways.

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To find out more information about these trout stockings, such as where Fish and Boat officials will be meeting prior to going to the creek or stream, check out this page from the state.

Schuylkill County Trout Stocking Schedule 2023

Body of WaterUpper LimitLower LimitDateBrookBrownRainbowGolden
Bear Creek500 M DNST T- 895/T-594 (BEAR CREEK ROAD) JCT NEAR: Lat: 40.5717, Long: -76.1897800 M UPST T 662 (BERNE DRIVE): Lat: 40.5843, Long: -76.141603/03/23🐟
Bear Creek800 M UPST T 662 (BERNE DRIVE): Lat: 40.5843, Long: -76.1416T 676 (WOODLAND DRIVE): Lat: 40.5910, Long: -76.116503/03/23🐟
Deep CreekCREEK RD (T577): Lat: 40.7044, Long: -76.4295CHURCH RD (T478): Lat: 40.6526, Long: -76.528903/07/23🐟🐟🐟
Deep CreekCHURCH RD (T478): Lat: 40.6526, Long: -76.5292MOUTH: Lat: 40.6371, Long: -76.616703/07/23🐟🐟🐟
Little Catawissa CreekRESERVOIR ROAD (T 431): Lat: 40.8327, Long: -76.2911TROUT RUN ROAD (T 435): Lat: 40.8721, Long: -76.234803/24/23🐟🐟
Little Mahanoy CreekMALONES RD (T961 BRDG): Lat: 40.7720, Long: -76.2801GORDON MT RD BRDG (SR 4007 BRDG): Lat: 40.7540, Long: -76.342403/24/23🐟🐟
Little Schuylkill RiverConfluence with Locust Ck.: Lat: 40.8093, Long: -75.9957Confluence with Panther Ck.: Lat: 40.7961, Long: -75.966303/14/23🐟🐟
Little Schuylkill RiverSR0895 in New Ringgold: Lat: 40.6871, Long: -76.0024T-848 Bridge near Rauschs: Lat: 40.6683, Long: -75.995903/03/23🐟
Little Schuylkill RiverA point 1.8 km (1.1 mile) upst from mouth: Lat: 40.5939, Long: -76.0272Mouth: Lat: 40.5786, Long: -76.026504/10/23🐟
Lizard Creek1.0 MI UPSTRM ANDREAS RD (T-960) BRDG: Lat: 40.7422, Long: -75.80620.5 MI UPSTRM STONE MT RD (T-330) BRDG: Lat: 40.7563, Long: -75.778703/07/23🐟🐟
Locust CreekLOCUST LK DM: Lat: 40.7814, Long: -76.1195TUSCARORA LK: Lat: 40.8050, Long: -76.008103/01/23🐟🐟
Locust CreekTUSCARORA LK DM: Lat: 40.8050, Long: -76.0081MOUTH: Lat: 40.8094, Long: -75.995703/01/23🐟🐟
Locust Lake: Lat: 40.7826, Long: -76.1225: Lat: 40.7826, Long: -76.122503/01/23🐟🐟
Lower Little Swatara CreekBLUE MTN RD (T-815): Lat: 40.5520, Long: -76.2697MOUTH: Lat: 40.5372, Long: -76.388903/10/23🐟🐟🐟
Mahantango CreekRT 125 BRDGE: Lat: 40.6863, Long: -76.5441SCHUYLKILL, DAUPHIN, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY LINES: Lat: 40.6740, Long: -76.614902/28/23🐟🐟🐟
Mahantango CreekSCHUYLKILL, DAUPHIN, NORTHUMBERLAND COUNTY LINES: Lat: 40.6584, Long: -76.7016KIWANIS FARM RD BRDG (T-302 BRDGE): Lat: 40.6111, Long: -76.911602/28/23🐟🐟🐟
Mahoning CreekBERRY RD (T-954) BDG - SCHUYLKILL CO: Lat: 40.7775, Long: -75.8450MILL/FRITZ VALLEY RD (SR3001) - CARBON CO: Lat: 40.7898, Long: -75.800803/07/23🐟🐟
Pine Creek, Trib To Little Schuylkill RiverDAM AT EAST MAHANOY JCT: Lat: 40.8155, Long: -76.0430MOUTH: Lat: 40.8210, Long: -76.003303/07/23🐟
Pine Creek, Trib To Mahantango CreekFOUNTAIN RD (SR4009): Lat: 40.6497, Long: -76.4460GAP SCHOOL RD (T474): Lat: 40.6394, Long: -76.556303/02/23🐟🐟
Pine Creek, Trib To Mahantango CreekBRIDGE ON GAP SCHOOL RD (T-474): Lat: 40.6394, Long: -76.5563BRIDGE ON HONEYMOON TRAIL RD (SR4017): Lat: 40.6371, Long: -76.664403/02/23🐟🐟
Pine Creek, Trib To Mahantango CreekBR ON HONEYMOON TRAIL RD (SR 4017): Lat: 40.6371, Long: -76.6644MOUTH: Lat: 40.6632, Long: -76.695303/02/23🐟
Pine Creek, Trib To Schuylkill RiverT-733 BRIDGE (WHITETAIL LANE): Lat: 40.6658, Long: -76.0711340 M (375 YDS.) DOWNSTREAM T-725 (PHEASANT RUN ROAD) BRIDGE: Lat: 40.6361, Long: -76.068403/03/23🐟
Rabbit Run Reservoir: Lat: 40.7753, Long: -75.9808: Lat: 40.7753, Long: -75.980803/07/23🐟
Sweet Arrow Lake: Lat: 40.5739, Long: -76.3629: Lat: 40.5739, Long: -76.362903/21/23🐟
Tuscarora Lake: Lat: 40.8038, Long: -76.0199: Lat: 40.8038, Long: -76.019910/11/23🐟
Upper Little Swatara CreekUPST BNDY FROG HW ENV CENTER: Lat: 40.6020, Long: -76.2594INLET SWEET ARROW LK: Lat: 40.5742, Long: -76.353803/25/23🐟🐟🐟
Whipoorwill Dam: Lat: 40.7835, Long: -76.2108: Lat: 40.7835, Long: -76.210803/24/23🐟

The Fish and Boat Commission is stocking brook, brown, rainbow, and golden trout in 2023.

Here’s a quick look at each of the trout species officials will be stocking in Schuylkill County waters this year:

Brook Trout

Brook trout, also known as speckled trout, are a species of freshwater fish native to eastern North America. They are known for their distinctive markings, including a dark greenish-brown back and a mottled, speckled belly. Brook trout are a popular game fish and are highly valued for their delicate flavor.

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Brown Trout

Brown trout are a species of freshwater fish that are widely distributed throughout the world. They are known for their distinctive appearance, including their olive-green back, golden-brown sides, and numerous black and red spots. Brown trout are a popular game fish and are highly prized by anglers for their fighting spirit and delicious taste.

Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout are a species of freshwater fish that are native to North America but have been introduced to many parts of the world. They are known for their bright, iridescent coloring, which ranges from pink to red along their sides. Rainbow trout are a popular game fish and are widely stocked in many fisheries.

Golden Trout

Golden trout are a species of freshwater fish that are native to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. They are known for their striking appearance, with bright golden-yellow sides, a pinkish belly, and small black spots. Golden trout are a popular game fish, but their limited range and fragile habitat make them a prized catch for anglers.

Be sure to remind yourself of some of the basic trout fishing regulations in Pennsylvania before you head out to the streams.

Photo: Depositphotos

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