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Schuylkill County News

Schuylkill Commissioners Adopt 2022 Meeting Schedule

Two meetings this year held at 6 p.m., the rest at 10 a.m.

schuylkill county commissioners 2022 meeting schedule

Schuylkill County Commissioners adopted their 2022 public meeting schedule on Monday during their annual reorganization meeting.

There are still just 2 prime-time meetings scheduled for this year, as the board insists on holding them when most Schuylkill County taxpayers are at work and unable to attend in person or virtually.

The Commissioners will continue to meet most Wednesdays through the year at 10 a.m. in the Commissioners Board Room at Schuylkill County Courthouse. Exceptions to that rule will be on May 16 and Sept. 21, when meetings will be held at 6 p.m. A couple meetings will be held on Thursdays in 2022, too: May 19, Aug. 11, and Nov. 10.

During re-organization, no changes were made to the board make-up. Boots Hetherington will continue as Commissioners Chairman.

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No action was taken to replace Chris Hobbs in the County Solicitor’s office. Hobbs was elected in November to serve as Judge for the County Court of Common Pleas and had been 1 of 3 lawyers working in the County Solicitor’s office.

Here’s a look at the full schedule of Commissioners meetings for 2022:

Schuylkill County Commissioners Meeting Schedule 2022

Jan. 510 a.m.Work Session
Jan. 1210 a.m.Board Meeting
Jan. 1910 a.m.Work Session
Jan. 2610 a.m.Board Meeting
Feb. 210 a.m.Work Session
Feb. 910 a.m.Board Meeting
Feb. 1610 a.m.Work Session
Feb. 2310 a.m.Board Meeting
March 210 a.m.Work Session
March 910 a.m.Board Meeting
March 166 p.m.Work Session
March 2310 a.m.Board Meeting
April 610 a.m.Work Session
April 1310 a.m.Board Meeting
April 2010 a.m.Work Session
April 2710 a.m.Board Meeting
May 410 a.m.Work Session
May 1110 a.m.Board Meeting
May 19*10 a.m.Work Session
May 2510 a.m.Board Meeting
June 110 a.m.Work Session
June 810 a.m.Board Meeting
June 1510 a.m.Work Session
June 2210 a.m.Board Meeting
July 610 a.m.Work Session
July 1310 a.m.Board Meeting
July 2010 a.m.Work Session
July 2710 a.m.Board Meeting
Aug. 310 a.m.Work Session
Aug. 11*10 a.m.Board Meeting
Aug. 1710 a.m.Work Session
Aug. 2410 a.m.Board Meeting
Sept. 710 a.m.Work Session
Sept. 1410 a.m.Board Meeting
Sept. 216 p.m.Work Session
Sept. 2810 a.m.Board Meeting
Oct. 510 a.m.Work Session
Oct. 1210 a.m.Board Meeting
Oct. 1910 a.m.Work Session
Oct. 2610 a.m.Board Meeting
Nov. 210 a.m.Work Session
Nov. 10*10 a.m.Board Meeting
Nov. 1610 a.m.Work Session
Nov. 2310 a.m.Board Meeting
Dec. 710 a.m.Work Session
Dec. 1410 a.m.Board Meeting
Dec. 2110 a.m.Work Session
Dec. 2810 a.m.Board Meeting
* - Denotes a Thursday meeting date. All other meetings held on Wednesdays.

NOTES: All Work Session meetings are followed by a Salary Board Work Session meeting. Retirement Board meetings are held following the first Board Meeting of every month. There are no meetings held on the 5th Wednesday of any month that has one.

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