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More Believing in Pottsville Maroons Curse on Arizona Cardinals

The curse is real and the Cardinals know it.

pottsville maroons curse arizona cardinals

The legend of the Pottsville Maroons curse on the Arizona Cardinals football franchise continues to grow. And more people are now convinced the Cardinals, thieves of the 1925 NFL Championship, are absolutely cursed.

How could they not?

In the last 3 weeks, Cardinals fans have seen a season’s worth of misfortunes. Yet, somehow, the Cardinals – losers of 3 straight games –  have clinched a playoff berth this season. But if they want to get beyond the first round of the postseason tournament, they’re going to need to lift the curse that’s so very obviously hanging over the team.

Legend of Pottsville Maroons Curse on Arizona Cardinals Grows

If you don’t believe in curses, you may want to reconsider when you hear what’s happened to the Cardinals in recent weeks. They’ve done everything they can to lose games and in the process, have lost the services of one of the best wide receivers in football.

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All this started just days after the Cardinals won their 10th game of the season, 33-22 over the Bears, improving to 10-2 and owners of the best record in football. ESPN Daily Podcast host Pablo Torre invited The Breaker Boys author David Flemming on his show.

Flemming’s book details the history and controversy surrounding the Pottsville Maroons. He explained to Torre how the Cardinals are cursed because they’re laying claim to the 1925 NFL Championship, which many believe was stolen from the Maroons.

So, on the podcast, Flemming explains why Cards fans shouldn’t get too excited about the team’s 10-2 start to the season. He says the curse will prevent them from potentially winning the Super Bowl.

Well, it appears Flemming can see into the future. Right after he reinvigorated the legend of the Maroons and their curse on the Cardinals, the team has gone south in a hurry.

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Cards are 0-3 Since ESPN Podcast

Let’s look at the wave of misfortune that’s consumed the Cardinals in recent weeks:

  • Week 14 vs. LA Rams: Cardinals lose to the division rival Rams, 30-23.
  • Week 15 vs. Detroit Lions: Cardinals are humiliated by the league’s worst team, 30-12.
  • Week 16 vs. Indianapolis Colts: Cards lose 3rd straight game, 22-16, dropping out of NFC West lead.

But it wasn’t just the losses – 3 of them, in a row – that shows the Cardinals are clearly cursed.

Dig deeper into the headlines and you’ll see that some strange and unfortunate things are beginning to pile against the Cards this year, like every year in its past.

STAR RECEIVER OUT: In the Rams game, star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was injured. He limped off the field late in the game. A second opinion on the injury revealed he’s got a “badly torn” MCL, according to an report, and is expected to miss the rest of the regular season and potentially into the playoffs.

THEY LOST TO THE LIONS: For the first time in NFL history, a team with 10 wins lost to a team with 1 win. That’s a lot of NFL history to account for, as the Cardinals should well know, of course. And it’s not just that the Cardinals lost to the Lions, it’s that they were obliterated by the Lions.

DOINK!: During the Cards latest loss, the team’s usually reliable kicker Matt Prater missed 2 field goals and an extra point in a 6-point loss. Add that up and you get the difference, plus 1. That included this field goal attempt for the lead in the 4th quarter:

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We weighed in on the kick, too:

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Doinked kicks are apparently not a new thing for Cardinals fans either. Check out this tweet from earlier in the season from a fan who’s clearly been there and done that a few times in his fandom lifetime:

Of course, let’s not forget that the Colts game featured Carson Wentz torching the Cardinals defense, especially late in the game. When’s the last time you’ve seen that happen?

So, to recap, since the podcast went live on ESPN, the Cardinals went from a 10-2 team that looked tough to beat to a 10-5 team many believe will be a one-and-done team in the playoffs. They’ve lost their star wide receiver, likely for the season, and their quarterback is playing his most erratic football of his short career.

Also, don’t forget … they lost to the LIONS!

Cardinals Fans Starting to Believe Their Team is Actually Cursed

The podcast appearance definitely renewed interest in the Pottsville Maroons story and it didn’t go unnoticed by Cardinals fans online. And they seem to now rue the day it was aired. Some are even suggesting the Cards’ ownership do the right thing and return the 1925 Championship they claim is theirs to its rightful owners, the Pottsville Maroons.

ESPN Daily podcast host Torre definitely noticed what’s happening:

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This fan thinks it’s time to give back the title, at least maybe:

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And this blue check mark Twitter user even took the Lord’s name in vain to express the frustration:

This fan says it’s time to “break the curse” and give Pottsville its title back:

One of our dedicated readers also chimed in:

Here are some more fan reactions to the curse and them realizing it’s very real:

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This one came during that loss to the Lions:

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So did this. “We are all Pottsville today”:

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It goes on. There are at least a handful of tweets a day discussing the likelihood that the Cardinals are, indeed, cursed by the Pottsville Maroons. And many suggest it may be time to do the right thing and give the Maroons their title.

Even the Barstool Big Cat tried taking credit for the curse on the Cardinals but fans are saying “Nope, it’s the Maroons.”


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