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Yuengling Brewery in downtown Pottsville may have won Halloween.

We spotted this very creative decoration outside America’s Oldest Brewery’s Gift Shop along Mahantongo Street in Pottsville.

There may not be a better way to capture the spirit of Pottsville and Halloween in one picture:

yuengling halloween decoration skeleton keg stand

Photo: Coal Region Canary

It’s 2 skeletons perfectly executing a successful keg stand. And the keg stand is being performed in its traditional setting, of course, surrounded by decorative hay bails, corn stalks, and mums.

If you know, you know …

However, some people drink beer in a more traditional way and don’t know what a keg stand is.

What is a Keg Stand?

Here’s a dime store definition of a keg stand for the uninitiated.

A keg stand is exactly what’s happening in the photo above.

The goal is to have a person doing a handstand on a beer keg. The keg stander is supposed to drink as much beer, upside down, from the pour spout as possible.

The way these skeletons are performing the keg stand is pretty hardcore. Of course, that’s how we roll here in Pottsville. Maybe your friends do keg stands this way, too. The keg standing skeleton has the spout in its mouth. No one’s holding it.

Often times, you’ll see someone holding the spout while the drinker is upside down on the barrel. Maybe Yuengling was out of decorative skeletons? Maybe adding a third skeleton would have been too bony.

You typically need another person to hold up a person’s legs while they’re doing a keg stand unless you’re partying with a beer guzzling gymnast.

Keg stands typically end with some sort of comical blooper, like falls, vomiting, or beer through the nose.

In case you’re saying to yourself, “Oh, self, a keg stand is for the kids …” check out this video of a senior going up …

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