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Democrats: “Stop Politicizing the Virus”
Also Democrats: “Here’s a Map Showing Vaccination Rates by Voting District”

vaccination rate by pennsylvania house district

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Democrats at the federal, state, and local levels have screamed against politicizing the virus. Of course, it’s usually them that’s politicized the virus while warning you not to do what they’re so clearly doing.

Well, they’re at it again. This time, it’s coming from Pennsylvania state government and its hypocrite-in-chief Governor Tom Wolf. Last week, Wolf’s Dept. of Health released COVID vaccine rates maps based on different political districts.

That’s right. People can now look to find out how many people in a certain political region have been vaccinated against COVID. These maps were created because absolutely no one asked.

But remember, no matter how obvious it seems, this isn’t about politics.

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Wolf just wants you to see how people in various State Senate, State House, and Congressional districts are warming up to the idea of a COVID vaccine. And his administration has created interactive charts and data dashboards to let you politicize the virus and read statistical misinformation from home.

Pennsylvania Shows COVID Vaccine Rates by Voting Districts

It’s so obvious that Wolf is using numbers that support his overall political cause even if they’re not true. If you’re to believe all the data the Dept. of Health is presenting, vaccine rates in urban centers of the state are generally higher.

This is a conspiracy theory that Democrats have spread from the moment they flip-flopped on the idea of the vaccine in the first place. Remember when all the leading Democrats said they wouldn’t get the vaccine if Trump were President?

Now that they’ve determined the vaccine is safe, they want everyone to get it and until you do, you’ll have to put up with their constant finger-wagging. And they’ve determined early that conservatives don’t want the vaccine – they’re the “anti-vaxxers” – because they don’t “believe in science”. These mindless tropes have worn out their welcome long ago but Democrats keep pressing the issue.

And even though this isn’t remotely true – because vaccine hesitancy and skepticism is about equal among Republicans and Democrats – Democrats like Tom Wolf want you to believe that conservatives are the ones prolonging the pandemic by not getting the vaccine.

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Sure enough, the maps the state released show that to be true. Vaccine rates are highest in the urban areas of Pennsylvania while the more conservatives areas of the state are lagging behind. But these numbers aren’t real. They don’t match up with other vaccine data the state releases.

Overall in Schuylkill County, the vaccination rate is 50.8%. It should be noted that we’ve seen it reported higher weeks ago. So, how it’s going down is beyond us. But even that 50.8% rate doesn’t jibe with these not-political-but-very-political vaccine maps.

Schuylkill County Vaccine Rates by State House District

vaccination rate by pennsylvania house district

For instance, that 50.8% rate doesn’t calculate when you look at the rates of the 3 districts in the state House of Representatives that make up Schuylkill County. None of those 3 districts (the 123rd, 124th, and 125th) have a vaccination rate above 50%. Here’s how it breaks down, according to the state’s misinformation:

  • 123rd: 48.9%
  • 124th: 49.1%
  • 125th: 45.9%

Sure, there are parts of those districts in other counties but they’re primarily Schuylkill County-based.

Those rates, if true (they’re not), pale in comparison with the top House districts in Pennsylvania when comparing COVID vaccine rates, which no one is doing. The top district has a 69.1% vaccine rate. And would you be shocked to hear that Allegheny district is run by a Democrat (Rep. Dan Miller, 42nd district)?

Schuylkill County Vaccine Rate by State Senate District

vaccine rate by pennsylvania senate district

The number doesn’t really make sense when you compare state Senate districts by vaccination rate. Again, that’s something no one is doing unless they’re trying to politicize the virus.

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But in Sen. Dave Argall’s 29th district, which is all of Schuylkill County and part of Berks, the vaccination rate is supposedly 49.1%. That’s 1.7% less than the county’s rate.

Among the Senate districts, the one with the highest rate (65.9%) is actually run by a Republican, Sen. Devlin Robinson in the 37th district in western Pennsylvania.

What’s the Point?

Again, there’s no point to this comparison unless your point is to politicize the virus. This questionably accurate information comes from a Democrat-run state Health Dept., the same people who for the last 18+ months have shamed anyone for politicizing COVID.

Tom Wolf wants people to just glance at these maps and make them believe that conservatives in Pennsylvania are refusing to get the vaccine more than liberals. And it’s their fault – YOUR fault – that we haven’t gotten beyond the pandemic.

The only purpose this serves is to further divide Pennsylvanians and this won’t be the last desperate attempt to do that.

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  1. Fukliberals

    October 4, 2021 at 8:47 pm

    F56KIN’ DEMONICRATS .. F56K Y6U !!

  2. Gpatton

    October 4, 2021 at 11:50 pm

    Wolf and the Demonrats are about as evil and political as they come. If people cannot see the similarities of the ruling socaialist Dem party to the Nazis by now, then you have your head in the sand. Our civil liberties are eroding daily and if you speak up, they put you in the brig like that Army officer who spoke out against his superiors. Sounds similar to an evil Austrian born person in WWI

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