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Schuylkill County Schools Dealing with Devious Licks Challenge – Here’s What It Is

devious licks challenge

devious licks challenge

Schools in Schuylkill County apparently aren’t immune to the Devious Licks Challenge.

It’s the latest stupid trend on TikTok featuring short videos of kids boasting about things they stole or vandalized in school bathrooms.

According to a report this week from the Republican Herald, damage in bathrooms at Blue Mountain, Pine Grove, and Pottsville schools have been noted. In the case of Blue Mountain, reports have been filed with police. All the damage was considered minor, according to the paper.

In other schools across the country, damage is apparently a little more serious. Schools are now restricting access to restrooms to deal with the problematic trend.

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@janaesyera not my school closing down all the restrooms because of tiktok 😭#fyp #devisousilck ♬ Piss
On The Floor – Aunt T Jackie

@nicktheisler_ Try #3 since TikTok wanna keep taking it down. #fyp #foryou #IDeserveTuitionContest #foryoupage #ZFlipClackdown #devusilcks #devousilcks ♬ original sound – nick

What is Devious Licks on TikTok?

We’re not even going to try and figure out why kids are doing this. But if you needed any evidence on why it’s bad to keep kids cooped up for a year and away from their fellow humans, this may be it.

To find out what exactly the Devious Licks Challenge is, we actually created a TikTok account and tried looking for some of the videos. But we found that links to the #deviouslicks hashtag were re-directed to a page about TikTok’s community standards.

But do you think the kids aren’t going to find a way around that?

Instead, we found videos that we presume are “Devious Licks” but they’re under the hashtag #devisousilck and searches for ‘devisous ilck’. Ya see, the kids just changed the letters around a little bit. And TikTok will probably track this down and remove these videos but the kids will find another and another until they eventually move on to their next mindless “challenge”.

devious lick meme

Here are some Devious Licks we found. The silver lining here is that none of the TikToks shared in this post are from local schools. No explanation provided because we’ve got none:

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The mirror was taken right off the wall …

@iloveedreadheads Nah y’all gotta end this 💀#devisousilck #BillboardNXT ♬ original sound – nick

This bathroom was ripped apart …

@jamesx17x #stitch #fyp #deviiousilck #holiestyield ♬ original sound – Pain

Reported missing: Toilet seats …

@sashaonline“devisous ilck” I NEED TO PEE

♬ original sound – nick

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This one’s kinda funny though. Stealing a pump of soap foam …

@ufw._.olivia #fyp #devisous ♬ original sound – nick

Apparently Devious Licks aren’t limited to bathrooms. Someone is lifting a full bench from a cafeteria …

@yesitsgrace1 this is a joke!! the chair broke and the students were just helping by taking it away #devisousilck ♬ Life Goes On – Oliver Tree

Some even have eyes on bigger prizes …

@jeffry.bezos.official devisous lick #devisousilck #bus #joke #BillboardNXT #fypシ #HowIBathAndBodyWorks ♬ original sound – nick

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. PTFloridians

    October 3, 2021 at 7:55 am

    It’s called vandalism, and the lil fools need to be expelled and prosecuted…
    …this isn’t “harmless fun”, it’s young people being groomed and encouraged to engage in criminal activity.

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