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Liberals are great at hearing racial dog whistles – the things only they can hear and need to explain to you – and they’re great at spotting the white power hand gesture.

Except, at least in the latest two incidents, they weren’t the white power hand gesture at all. But they’ve heard the whistle and now we’ll all have to hear about things that are now racist, how we’re all racist and how America, of course, is a racist country.

Now, if you’re not familiar, the alleged white power hand gesture looks a lot like the OK sign.

OK hand signal white power jeopardy

It’s even got an emoji …Β πŸ‘Œ

Now, that’s OK (pun intended). And apparently it’s perfectly fine when someone like Steph Curry flashes the “white power” symbol every time he makes a 3 pointer.

But if you’re some uneducated commoner, you definitely can’t use the OK hand symbol.

Two recent examples show how insane these people, probably on account of hearing all those dog whistles.

Jeopardy Champion Chastised by Former Contestants for Flashing White Power Sign

You knew it wouldn’t take long for Jeopardy to get ruined when Alex Trebek sadly passed away last year.

Last week, it started veering off the track when hundreds of former contestants wet their beds after seeing a current champion flash what they definitely perceived as the white power gesture.

It came from Kelly Donohue during his 4th appearance on the show. During his pre-game introduction, the 3-time champion gave a little hand salute to indicate how many games he’d won to date, 3.

Prepare yourself to be triggered. Here’s what he did …

It should be noted that Donohue flashed a similar symbol for his second and third games, too. Except, he flashed a 1 after he’d won his first game and then flashed 2 fingers after winning the next game.

Donohue was basically bullied into publicly apologizing for making a white power gesture that wasn’t a white power gesture at all. And it’s because these former Jeopardy contestants either needed attention or they needed attention.

In a Medium post, they wrote, “We saw that gesture air on television. We are among the public it affected, and we are a diverse group of people. People of color, religious minorities, and other marginalized groups already live in a United States and a Canada that have structural and institutional racism, sexism, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, and transphobia embedded into their history and function. These people deal with microaggressions nearly every day of their lives, through words, actions, and assumptions that remind them on a constant basis that they are not the default, they are not the mainstream, they are not β€œreal citizens.” And that is hard enough. That is enough for them to bear and enough for us to keep trying to recognize, to address, and to fight. That is already a series of walls and fences that keeps us from truly reaching the American ideal of e pluribus unum.

“This event was the opposite of apolitical speech. It was perceived by people across demographic boundaries as a wink and a nod by white men about their superiority. And that speech is out there and the damage has been done,” they continue.

Australian Football Team Accused of Flashing White Power Symbol, But …

Despite not being anywhere close to the truth on the Jeopardy incident and looking for a proper projection issue to take attention away from their posted L, the left decided to attack, of all things, Australian Rules Football.

People halfway around the world are currently losing their minds at several players on the West Coast Eagles team. In a post-game team photo over the weekend, several players flashed the “white power” symbol for the camera.

But the players denied flashing the white power symbol and say all they were doing was playing the “circle game” in their photo.

If you’re not familiar with that, you’re probably a little too far removed from your childhood. In the Circle Game, if someone flashes the OK symbol, generally down low, and gets another person to look at it, they get to punch said person who’d been duped into looking.

“Made you look!”

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2 responses to Liberals Losing Their Minds Over White Power Hand Gesture That’s Not a White Power Hand Gesture

  1. Skook drooler May 3rd, 2021 at 11:33 am

    I’m sick of these looney Libs, can’t even make a ok symbol, or a peace symbol with your hands, what’s next, they will be attacking deaf people for using sign language, saying that’s racist too.


    • Tees May 3rd, 2021 at 1:07 pm

      You are so right! The crawl out of the woodwork! WOW!


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