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april 1 snow gfs model pennsylvania

We hate to be the bearer of bad news so in this case, we’re pointing to our friends over there at It was their Facebook post we saw about this.

So really, we’re more like the messenger. Don’t shoot!

But one of the leading weather models is currently predicting between 3-5 inches of snow on Thursday in Schuylkill County.

Yeah, snow.

In April.

Here’s a look at the overnight GFS model run, courtesy of

april 1 snow pennsylvania gfs model

Source: PivotalWeather

The darker blue shades on this map are the lighter totals, so southern and eastern parts of Schuylkill County would get the least amount of snow from this storm. But extreme northern parts of the area could see 5 or even 6 inches of snow. Parts of central Pennsylvania, per this GFS model run, could get up to 8 inches of snow.

Now, we were specific to say that Schuylkill County could get 3-5 inches of snow on Thursday. And we’re sure there are some so-called weather experts out there that’ll lecture us on how you can’t really look at this or that on specific weather models.

Honestly, we don’t care. We’re just reporting what these models are showing us right now. And the sight of snow … in April … well, it’s worth sharing.

But fret not, this GFS model appears to be an outlier when it comes to Thursday forecasts.

Schuylkill County could also get anywhere from a dusting of snow up to 3 inches. That’s what the Euro model currently shows (early Wednesday morning run).

You can see on the map below that the Euro is far less ambitious in its snowfall predictions for Thursday:

euro model april 1 snow pennsylvania

Source: PivotalWeather

April 1 Snow – Is This Some Kind of Joke?

At this point, you’re like … “Wait a minute. Thursday is April Fools Day. Is this some sort joke or prank?

Sadly, it’s not. Plus, we had to let go of our in-house leg puller last year. So, no, this is no joke.

But it seems unlikely that we’ll see the relatively extreme snowfall totals in Schuylkill County. Right now, the GFS model seems to be the outlier forecast for Thursday. National Weather Service is predicting very little snowfall for the Pottsville area on Thursday. predicts just two-tenths of an inch of snow for Thursday here.

Maybe the folks making the GFS model are pulling their own April Fools prank.

It definitely will be cold. And windy, too. The high temperature on Thursday will struggle to hit 40. And the low on Thursday is supposed to drop to 24. Expect another windy day on Thursday, too, with gusts as high as 26 mph through the day and night.

But very little snow in the NWS forecast. So, let’s hope that doesn’t change between then and now because even the biggest snow fanatic can’t want a big storm in April. At this point, a single flake is too much. We already put away the space heater.

Where’s Spring?

If you recall, we recently had a season change. It’s supposed to be Spring but it’s apparently taking its own Spring Break the rest of this week.

On Wednesday, we can expect a high temperature of 57 degrees in Pottsville but rain showers will develop into a steadier rain and a gusty wind on Wednesday night. Temperatures will drop to right around the freezing mark. Up to a half-inch of rain is expected on Wednesday evening and night.

The cold weather will stick around into the early part of the weekend. After whatever happens on Thursday, we can only expect a high temperature of 38 on Friday and a low of 26. A sunny sky on Saturday will get it warmed up to 51 degrees.

On Sunday, we can finally expect to break the 60-degree mark again.

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