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Jane Doe 2: Halcovage Ruined My Marriage, Made Child Custody Threats

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In our breaking news report Friday, we detail the alleged sexual relationship Schuylkill County Commissioner George Halcovage had with one Courthouse employee identified as Jane Doe.

In the 75-page lawsuit, Doe claims Halcovage asked and then eventually forced her to perform oral sex on him.

But that wasn’t the only illicit relationship Halcovage is alleged to have had with the plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The woman identified as Jane Doe 2 says Halcovage’s unwanted advances resulted in her marriage falling apart, and at one point, he even appeared to be trying to influence – through the political influence he convinced the Jane Does he wielded – a post-divorce custody battle.

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Jane Doe 2 Says Schuylkill Commissioner Halcovage Ruined Her Marriage

The lawsuit filed in US District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania outlines numerous incidents in which Halcovage allegedly acted inappropriately or made unwelcome advances toward Jane Doe 2, one of 4 unnamed women who filed a sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace intimidation lawsuit against the Commissioner.

Doe 2 says Halcovage’s advances ultimately made her then-husband suspicious that she was sleeping with the politician.

Here are some of the allegations detailed in the court filing:

“You are a jaw dropper.”

In our other report on this bombshell lawsuit, we noted how Halcovage allegedly used dated pick-up lines on Jane Doe. But she wasn’t alone. The lawsuit claims Doe 2 was subject to these same lines after she was hired in December 2014. She says Halcovage would routinely tell her:

  • “You’re so beautiful.”
  • “You are a jaw dropper.”
  • “You are a real head turner.”
  • “You’ve got that wow factor.”

His alleged comments to Doe 2 didn’t stop there, the lawsuit claims. Often, Halcovage would comment on her clothing and hypothesized what would happen if he and Doe 2 started a relationship.

He is quoted in the lawsuit as saying:

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  • “If you and I were to get together, that would be something.”
  • “Imagine if you and I were to get together. That would ruffle some feathers.”
  • “If we got together, that would really piss (Doe) off.”

Doe 2 says that Halcovage’s comments created a rift between her and her fellow employees, causing them to act distant to her for her first few years working at the Courthouse.

Halcovage allegedly described Doe 2 to another Courthouse employee as “one of his girls and in his inner sanctum.”

Numerous employees began speculating that Halcovage was sleeping with Doe 2, the lawsuit claims. In fact, by the middle of 2015, Doe 3, who was Doe 2’s supervisor, started hearing rumors to that effect.

The Eggs Benedict Incident

The alleged harassment of Doe 2 didn’t stop with those awkward comments. In fact, the lawsuit claims, they got worse.

On Sept. 21, 2015, Doe 2 apparently had Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Halcovage allegedly sent an email to Doe 2 with the Subject line: “Eggs with a special sauce … hmmmm”.

The lawsuit claims that Halcovage was attempting to compare the Hollandaise sauce on top of Eggs Benedict to male semen.

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The Backpay

Doe 2 says in the lawsuit that Halcovage’s advances were taking a toll on her marriage, including “incessant phone calls, text messages, and appearances at her home.”

She says in the lawsuit that her attempts to reject Halcovage ultimately resulted in retaliation against her at work, namely when she didn’t receive backpay given to all other County employees in 2016. The lawsuit alleges that then-HR Director Deborah Twigg was told by Halcovage not to grant Doe 2 any backpay.

The 4th of July Party

The harassment of Doe 2 allegedly continued, including one night in which Halcovage attended the same event as Doe 2 and Doe 2’s husband. At some point during that night, Halcovage allegedly said to Doe 2’s husband, “Thanks for letting me use your wife for the last 4 hours.”

It’s unclear why Halcovage would have said that or what he was referencing but the comment was allegedly heard by Roth, who later told Doe 3 that he believed the Commissioner’s comment was inappropriate. However, the lawsuit claims Roth did nothing further about it, such as filing a complaint with the HR department.

Halcovage’s harassment continued, the lawsuit alleges, including at a 4th of July party held in 2016 at Doe 2’s in-laws’ house. The Commissioner allegedly crashed the party. This wasn’t uncommon as the lawsuit claims Halcovage previously had “on numerous occasions” showed up at Doe 2’s house, her parents’ house, and at the homes of her personal friends.

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During the 4th of July party, Halcovage urged Doe 2 to “stay the course” with him, although Doe 2 admits she wasn’t sure what the Commissioner meant by that statement.

On another date, Halcovage took Doe 2 to a picnic where there were a “group of male bikers” present. The Commissioner allegedly told the bikers at that picnic to “watch out for (Doe 2), she will take you for a ride.”

Doe 2 says she and her husband divorced in 2017 and at the time, Doe 2’s husband believed she was sleeping with Halcovage.

“What is that whore doing in there?”

The drama between Halcovage and Doe 2 continued into 2017. In the lawsuit, Doe 2 details an incident in which she was called into Halcovage’s office. At the time, Halcovage was on the telephone with his wife. Halcovage allegedly turned on the speaker phone and told his wife that Doe 2 was in the room.

When she heard this, Halcovage’s wife allegedly said, “What is that whore doing in there?”

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Late for Work

In July 2018, Halcovage allegedly called Doe 2 on the phone late one night. She claims that being up all night talking to Halcovage caused her to oversleep. The next morning, then-HR Director Deborah Twigg and Ginny Murray dispatched Schuylkill County Sheriff’s deputies to Doe 2’s home. It’s alleged in the lawsuit that Twigg and Murray were acting at the request of Halcovage.

This resulted in Doe 2 being “written up” for being late to work that day.

The Walmart Incident

In June 2019, Doe 2 went to Walmart with her daughter and the daughter of Doe. At the same time, Halcovage was allegedly calling and texting Doe 2 asking what she was doing. When she told him that she was at Walmart running errands, Halcovage turned up at the store and met her.

At the store, Halcovage allegedly “forced Doe 2’s daughter and Doe’s daughter to take a picture with him,” the lawsuit claims. The Commissioner then allegedly instructs Doe 2 to send a copy of that photo to Doe, with whom he’s alleged to have had a sexual relationship.

More Photos

Earlier that year, in February, Doe 2 allegedly caught Halcovage taking pictures of her, despite her objections. Halcovage allegedly snapped a pic of Doe 2 as she was bending over in the Courthouse. Doe 2 says she confronted Halcovage, asking if he had taken a picture of her.

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He denied it and she grabbed the phone from him and spotted a photo of her bent over. She demanded Halcovage delete the photo, which he eventually did.

Later in 2019, in October, Doe 2 received a disturbing photo from Halcovage, she says. Prior to this, Halcovage ordered Doe 2 to collect signatures for a petition for his campaign to be a GOP Delegate. She told him that she couldn’t do it.

After this, Halcovage allegedly took pictures with Doe 2’s husband and her husband’s custody attorney, the lawsuit alleges. She believes Halcovage did this to “let (her) know that if she turned him down again, it could have negative implications on her custody matter.”

Later, Doe 2 says, Halcovage would call her into his office to discuss her custody case.


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